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2012 NFL Season – Week 11 Picks

8-5-1 last week, 1-0 to start this week.

The best part about no Seahawks football on Sundays (and there aren’t too many reasons)? I’m watching NFL RedZone all day because there are maybe 3 interesting games all morning and afternoon before Ravens/Steelers tonight. It will be great enjoyment.

I’m short on upsets this weekend, with only Carolina over Tampa Bay as my upset pick.

Falcons over Cardinals
Panthers over Buccaneers
Packers over Lions
Redskins over Eagles
Cowboys over Browns
Texans over Jaguars
Bengals over Chiefs
Rams over Jets
Saints over Raiders
Patriots over Colts
Broncos over Chargers
Ravens over Steelers
49ers over Bears

2012 NFL Season – Week 10 Picks

Not a lot of great NFL games this weekend. Obviously Chicago’s home game against the Texans is the marquee attraction of week 10, and Atlanta at New Orleans should be fun, but what comes after that? Oh well, only one more week of byes and then 16 games from week 12 onwards.

Seattle should beat the Jets today. No, they should blow them out. Not necessarily with this passing offense, because New York’s pass D is still pretty good sans Darrelle Revis, but Marshawn Lynch will gash that weak front-four of the Jets and Mark Sanchez will do everything in his power to give Seattle short fields. I feel confident and so should Seahawks fans.

Alright, 1-0 to start this week, let’s keep it going!

Broncos over Panthers
Ravens over Raiders
Bucs over Chargers
Dolphins over Titans
Patriots over Bills
Giants over Bengals
Saints over Falcons
Lions over Vikings
Seahawks over Jets
Eagles over Cowboys
49ers over Rams
Bears over Texans
Steelers over Chiefs


2012 NFL Season – Week 9 Picks

After an 8-6 record last week I’m off to a bright start following San Diego’s mauling of Kansas City. We’re entering the 2nd half of the NFL season already, which means it’s time to start thinking playoffs. Being the pessimist that I am, here’s why I’m picking Minnesota over Seattle:
1.) Percy Harvin will eat Marcus Trufant alive. Harvin in the slot against Trufant is a clear mismatch and Gus Bradley takes forever to make adjustments. This will be the bulk of Christian Ponder’s passing yards.

2.) Adrian Peterson will run for over 100 yards. The run defense is still great, but Adrian Peterson is generally the type of explosive RB that Seattle has problems with. I expect him to gash the middle of the field.

3.) It’s my birthday tomorrow and the Seahawks will find a way to ruin it in advance.

Good? Good. Here are the rest of my picks.

Packers over Cardinals
Lions over Jaguars
Bears over Titans
Redskins over Panthers
Broncos over Bengals
Ravens over Browns
Texans over Bills
Dolphins over Colts
Buccaneers over Raiders
Vikings 20 Seahawks 14
Giants over Steelers
Falcons over Cowboys
Saints over Eagles

2012 NFL Season – Week 8 Picks

A nice 9-4 record last week but a pretty bad start to this week. I predicted a Vikings blowout over the Buccaneers but the opposite occurred. My only interest in any of these games is Seahawks/Lions and I fully expect another awful offensive showing. Prove me wrong, Seahawks.

Titans over Colts
Bears over Panthers
Chargers over Browns
Eagles over Falcons
Jets over Dolphins
Lions 17 Seahawks 10
Packers over Jaguars
Patriots over Rams
Redskins over Steelers (upset special)
Raiders over Chiefs
Giants over Cowboys
Broncos over Saints
49ers over Cardinals

2012 NFL Season – Week 7 Picks

A Sunday without the Seahawks is a great thing because I don’t have to put up with 3 more hours of terrible offense. I predicted a 16-7 49ers win yesterday and just about got it right if not for Jim Harbaugh declining the safety.

Anyway, 1-0 to start this week, 7-7 last week, let’s see how the rest of this week goes.

Bills over Titans
Panthers over Cowboys (upset pick)
Texans over Ravens
Browns over Colts
Vikings over Cardinals
Giants over Redskins
Packers over Rams
Saints over Bucs
Patriots over Jets
Raiders over Jags
Bengals over Steelers
Bears over Lions

2012 NFL Season – Week 6 Picks

In the past 30 games, I’m a combined 26-4. Of course, the Titans won on Thursday to turn 26-3 to 26-4, but I’m not bothered because Pittsburgh was on the losing end.

It’s raining consistently for the first time in two months in Seattle, and it coincides with Bill Belichick coming to town. Coincidence? I think not. Sadly, the Patriots are going to beat the Seahawks and possibly with consummate ease. It was nothing to do with the defense, but this offense is atrocious and they will make enough mistakes for Tom Brady to capitalize.

Bengals over Browns
Buccaneers over Chiefs
Dolphins over Rams
Lions over Eagles (“upset” special)
Falcons over Raiders
Colts over Jets
Ravens over Cowboys
Cardinals over Bills
49ers over Giants
Redskins over Vikings
Patriots 24 Seahawks 14 (Seattle probably will get blown out)
Texans over Packers
Broncos over Chargers