Tom Brady: Overrated QB

I got a lot of flack for this story over at the other place.

So ladies and gentlemen, a barely edited version of the controversial story.

Tom Brady isn’t the great QB everyone thinks he is. I think he’s a good QB, and works well with every receiver he’s had, but the teammates around him get practically no credit. His offensive line does all the work, and when they don’t do their job, Tom Brady is an average quarterback. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, and when his receivers catch a 2 yard pass, and turn it into a 40 yard gain, Brady gets all the credit. That’s a very misleading statistic if the receiver of a pass gets most of the yardage himself, but that beefs up the yardage total for the QB. The media coins Brady as cool, calm, and collected. Maybe in down to the wire situations, but if a call doesn’t go his way, or the Patriots are getting the snot kicked out of them, he loses his cool and yells at his teammates! Listen people, he may have won 3 super bowl titles, but Troy Brown, David Patten, and the entire offensive line get zero credit. Heck, Adam Vinateri won 2 out of 3 titles on a last second field goal. Even the 3rd one, Vinateri’s FG in the 3rd quarter was virtually the difference. If you ask me who is the better QB, Peyton Manning or Brady, I’d pick Peyton Manning over Brady. ‘m not saying I’d pick Rex Grossman over Tom Brady, I’m just saying that although Brady is a pretty good QB, he’s not great like the media wants him to be.


5 thoughts on “Tom Brady: Overrated QB

  1. Mark

    Finally. Someone with the balls to speak the truth. And do you notice also that Brady has not won a SB since Charlie Weiss left? HE was a huge part of what won those 3 SB’s. Another thing TB doesn’t have is speed. His handlers and the Pat’s org. have been systematically selling us a load concerning this guy right from the outset. They made him out to be a hero. Now with his private exploits the facade is starting to unravel. I guess we’ll find out this year. If he bombs with all the new receiver’s, it’ll be telling. If they win because of the receiver’s or defense…as you stated, he’ll get the credit.

  2. Anonymous

    There are a bunch of us women who have been praying that the Pats have a losing season. They’ll probably blame it on his ex and the baby drama and no blame will go to Tom Brady for being a jerk and traipsing around with an underwear model.

    I hope the Colts and the Chargers take them down this season!

  3. More Credible

    Mmm… I don’t know if I agree. I dislike the Patriots just as much as anyone because of their boring, winning ways, but I think the only way they win as many games as they do without a consistent running game is a stellar passing game.

    And the quarterback getting the receivers credit is kind of a moot point because that’s the case anywhere. It would be just as if the wide out caught a off of a defensive players head or made a ridiculous catch to grab the ball. They’d both get the yards. Or perhaps a better analogy would be a QB throwing a perfect pass and the WR drops it. Who’s the blame there?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see Brady as overrated. I think he’s one of the top 3 QB’s in the league, and that’s saying something.

  4. StrideR

    Hah… this is ridiculous. Obviously, Charlie Weiss is sorely missed, but to make the claim that Brady hasn’t reached the superbowl because of Weiss’ absence is pure hogwash. It might have been a plausible statement before last season, with the Pats still recovering from that horrible loss to Denver in the playoffs, but after a season playing with hastily put-together corps of less-than-stellar receivers and almost beating Manning to the Superbowl without a decent running game, you’d have to be smoking something to say Brady isn’t a top 2 QB in this league, especially with his perceived lack of an arm (this season should prove once and for all whether it’s his arm or his receivers that have limited his deep throws). Just because the guy isn’t your prototypical gunslinger doesn’t mean he hasn’t earned his HOF spot. I’m not hoping anything happens to Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison, but let’s see Peyton handle a new set of so-so receivers and see whether he even cracks 3,000 yards.


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