Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Reviews

It’s halfway into the season, and we haven’t done announcing reviews. Instead of going through all 8, we’ll cut it down to regional FOX and CBS telecasts, meaning I review 7 (I know, couldn’t resist). Besides, no one gets Seahawks game anyway unless a team bigger than them is playing against them.

Game 1: Seahawks vs. Buccaneers.

Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger were the commentators on FOX. I like Stockton a lot, he talks about the game the most, why FOX demoted him was beyond me. Overall, he was very good, he has to raise his voice because the crowd is so loud, and got player names correct. Baldinger on the other hand, no proper player identification, and his grasp of the English language is appalling. He drives me up the wall.

Grade: B-

Game 2: Seahawks @ Cardinals

Chris Rose and Terry Donahue were the commentators. Rose is obviously known for hosting The Best Damn Sports Show Period That Nobody Watches, and I don’t think he’s done play by play before. First crack, and I kinda like it. His “That’s a man’s move” call on a Nate Burleson TD was quite awkward, but otherwise, he did well. Donahue………I don’t know where to start. And to think I have to watch the BCS games with him commentating. He seems lost half the time, and the fact that he’s calling the big college football games makes you long for Joe Buck.

Notable quote: “The Cardinals defense last year, was ranked 29th in defense.” – Terry Donahue

As opposed to?????

Grade: C

Game 3: Seahawks vs. Cincy Penitentiary

Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker had the call for CBS. No need for a Gus review, although he was yelling a lot more than he usually does. Again, the analyst is the problem, Tasker really must not be paying attention to the game.

Grade: C-.

Game 4: Seahawks vs. Alleged Team from San Francisco

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa were the commentators for FOX. Albert is nowhere near his dad, he had a very flat game. Johnston is a great analyst, but when you’re up 23-3 with 10:00 left in the game, and telling Seattle they need a “knockout punch”, that’s either blatant bias, or he knows the Seattle choking history very well. Goose is very good in my opinion, that’s what a sideline reporter should be. And there wasn’t enough room for him to sit anyway.

Grade: B

Game 5: Seahawks vs. Steelers

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman apparently were the commentators for FOX. Buck, Anti-Seattle, Anti-Seahawks, boring, comatose, the usual. Aikman is fine and dandy as usual.

Grade: C

Game 7 (game 6 was on NBC): Seahawks vs. St. Louis Junior High

A low point, Matt Devlin and JC Pearson on FOX. Devlin is a terrible announcer, and was even worse in this game. He’s boring, had player’s names wrong, and was not paying attention to the game at times. Pearson……..yeah.

Notable Quote: “Their fullback Leonard Hamilton left with an injury” – Matt Devlin.

If only he existed. It’s Leonard Weaver, not Hamilton.

Grade: F (Only because I can’t give a G)

Game 8: Seahawks @ Browns

Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan and Chris Meyers were the announcers for FOX. Rosen is usually good, but he sounded out of it. When you say something like “Now the Saints are 4-0”, you know it’s a long night. Tim is a decent analyst, and Chris Meyers going to the “Dawg Pound” had me switching the channel instantly.

Grade: D

If anyone was subjected to these games, what are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Reviews

  1. thesportsmaster8000

    It is comments like the one about Weaver that makes me hate announcers. I can only imagine that they see a Seattle game on their schedule and try to pass it off because they know they don’t know jack about the Seahawks and they don’t want to take the time to learn anything about them (like their damn roster). Makes me sick. Good post though!

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