Super Bowl Over, Whiny Pats Fans Beg to Differ

Looks like the fans of the New England Patriots don’t want to give up. One of them has started an online petition to the NFL to replay the final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII because of illegal clock stoppages. Here are some statements about this:

We the fans of the New England Patriots demand that the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell review the last 1:40 minutes of the Super Bowl held February 3rd 2008. At 1:22 in the fourth quarter, after Jacobs attained a first down the clock was stopped. The following are the rules regarding clock management in a game.

Had this illegal clock stoppage not occurred there would have been 40 seconds less time on the clock, 46 seconds less if you consider the six seconds added on after the play. This means that after that play, if the clock was running the way it is supposed to by the rulebook, there would only be 42 seconds left on the clock. Furthermore if this was not enough on the subsequent play time was not taken off during the play followed by a random flashing of numbers on the clock.
The following drive took the Giants a total of 52 seconds on the game clock from the point that six seconds were added to the clock. However if the time was managed the way it was supposed to be there would have been no time left on the clock after Eli Manning was tackled at :50 seconds on the game clock. This irrefutable proof demands that Super Bowl XLII be reviewed from the point of the first illegal stoppage.
We the fans of the NFL demand that Commissioner investigate this matter as it is in his ability and it is his responsibility. The following is what the commissioner may do in this matter.

You can see the full description in the link below.

I read the whole thing, and I would like to say that there are several flaws with this:

1. Clearly the Giants would be running different plays if there were only a few seconds left, so the Eli Manning play in which he was tackled with :50 left probably would’ve never happened.

2. The Giants still had timeouts.

3. The refs needed time to spot the ball as Jacobs barely made the first down.

What is funny about it, is how the few people that took this petition seriously and not using names like “Roger Goodell” in the signature section, actually agreed. Get over it, the Patriots lost, they have a good chance of winning it next year. The Pats have already won 3 Super Bowls, and now they lose 1 and this happens. Also, if this does go through (doubt it), and the Giants still win, I’ll be laughing myself into a coma.

The stupidity in it all, is that whenever New England loses, it’s disputed. When New England wins, party like it’s 1999, nothing went wrong.

But wait!!! There’s more!!! A less emotional Pats fan who has a petition to stop this petition…..after the jump.

We the fans of the New England Patriots demand that the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell disregard any and all inquiries into Super Bowl XLII regarding the last 1:40 minutes of the Super Bowl held February 3rd 2008. We, the actual grown up fan base, realize that the Patriots and Giants played one of the best Super Bowls in recent history and do not want any whiny, panty waisted, sore losing cry babies to ruin the reputation of an otherwise decent fan base. We realize that the game was played as football should be played, in the trenches, man to man, and without the constant chirp of the referee’s whistle. In other words, the refs let the players play. We also realize that the Patriots got beat down by the Giants defense for four quarters and, although the Pats D put up a good fight, they were unable to stop a team that had steamrolled its way through the playoffs and had no plans of stopping at the Superbowl. The game was played on equal ground, no team was favored by phantom penalties, nor were they depleted by injuries. Men played on that field on February 8,2008. Men won and lost on that field. Please, Please, Please, disregard the ridiculous Petition that is an affrontery to the game played. Men were made that day…babies are crying about it now. As a diehard Patriots fan I ask you all — Stop the Petition.

This story keeps getting better and better and better.

Petition to stop petition about replaying final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII.

Petition to replay final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII.


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Over, Whiny Pats Fans Beg to Differ

  1. aarongershfield49

    haha… it’s good to see some rational fans in general, not just ones that would blindly defend their team and petition some BS like that…

  2. E Buzz Miller

    The Pastries CHOKED.


    Brady CHOKED.

    Belechick CHOKED.

    Why can’t they grasp this?

  3. Mookie Post author

    Aarongers: Amen to that.

    E Buzz Miller: Because the “sore loser” mentality of Bill Belichick literally spreads to some of the fans as well.:)

  4. Sam Monroe

    I am a Pats fan and this complaining about the clock is taking it to far! I love the Pat’s and have to look back on the rules that helped the Patriots.
    Congrats Giants, and the 72 Dolphins


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