Really Easy Sports Trivia

I know doing sports trivia that isn’t timed on the internet isn’t exactly great because you’re just a search away. At least try and answer these really easy questions in the comments without looking them up. If you look it up using another window, you will be forced to watch the Spurs for 10 hours on a continuous loop. You have been warned.

Some questions will be multiple choice, others will not. Ready? GO!

1. Walt Bellamy played how many regular season games in the 1968-69 NBA season? (Note that the NBA had 82 games in the regular season as well)

A.) 76

B.) 80

C.) 67

D.) 88

2. The longest regular season winning streak in North American football is held by the?

A.) New England Patriots

B.) Calgary Stampeders

C.) BC Lions

D.) Miami Dolphins

3. Name the first black person to play baseball professionally.

4. A notable coach for the Albany Patroons (CBA team) was…

5. True or False? A non-English speaking nation has won the Rugby World Cup.

6. When the USFL won an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL, how much money were they awarded?

7. How did heavyweight contender Eddie Machen die?

A.) Head injuries sustained in ring

B.) Suicide

C.) Heart attack

D.) Sleepwalking and then falling from an apartment window

8. Who has scored more goals in international competition?

A.) Pele

B.) Ronaldo

9. If an FA Cup quarterfinal soccer match ends 2-2 in regulation, what happens next?

A.) It has to be replayed.

B.) 30 minutes extra time, then penalties (if nec.).

C.) A coin is flipped and the winner moves on.

10. Finally, how many games has the US won in the Cricket World Cup?

BONUS Question:

You’re kicking a 45 yard field goal into the wind, down 23-21. It’s blowing at 40 MPH and the pressure is on you. The snap is good, the kick goes through the uprights!!! But wait! The sudden gust of wind blows the football, which was already past the uprights, back to the goal line. Is the kick…

A.) Good

B.) No Good

C.) Has to be retried

Think really hard about these, if you don’t know the answer then guess. I don’t expect much from those who don’t follow rugby or cricket.


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