Jason Whitlock Gives You The REAL Reason on Why NBA Playoff Ratings Are Up

NBA ratings are up, the games are much closer, the stars like Paul and Bryant are out. But wait! That’s not it. It’s, according to Jason Whitlock, because we don’t see tattoos as often as we usually do!

The NBA has been experiencing a resurgence ever since the Suns traded for Shaquille O’Neal, the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol, the Mavericks got hoodwinked into snagging Jason Kidd and the Cavaliers picked up new spare parts for LeBron.

But there’s one issue driving improved ratings that likely won’t be touched by all the NBA talking heads on TNT and ESPN.

Tattoos. Or rather the lack of tattoos in the conference finals.

Part of the reason more people are watching these playoffs is because the average fan isn’t constantly repulsed by the appearance of most of the players on the court. Most of the key players left in the playoffs don’t look like recent prison parolees.

The only accurate way to describe Garnett, Pierce, Duncan, Allen, Manu, Parker and even Kobe is “clean cut.” Yeah, there are a couple of tattoos in that group — Duncan has something on his back, Kobe still has his post-rape-allegation tat — but the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics have far less ink on average than your typical NBA franchise.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh no. You see, you had it right at the part where the stars are out. I don’t see how you can possibly make that correlation. I mean, “clean cut”? Are you serious? You’re basically calling the NBA, since many players have tats on them, a bunch of guys who look like they just got out of jail.

He also says “appearances matter”. Look, I’m quite sure most people don’t watch a basketball game and wonder what kind of tattoo he’s wearing. You know why I watch basketball? Because I like watching basketball, I like it when there are hustle plays and blocked shots and strong drives to the hoop. I’m not going to watch, see Rasheed hit a three and go “Oh look at that tattoo!”.

I’m not into tattoos, but just because you think tats mean you looks a little more threatening is so judgmental, and frankly, it is irrelevant to the game.



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