The Best US TV Play By Play Announcer Tournament: Round 1

EDIT: Voting for this part is now over, go here for the new set of matches.

After some slight tweaks in one section of the bracket, it’s finally here! It’s the opening round of the US TV Announcer Tournament.

Here’s how it works:

  • I put up the poll for you to vote (you’re going to have to go to the link because WordPress won’t get of the chair and make their own poll er….doesn’t accept embedded polls besides Polldaddy).
  • Once all of the first round contests are over then the polls will be closed and I’ll post the results.
  • Rinse, wash, repeat.


(1) Marv Albert vs. (8) Dick Enberg (Old Timers Region)

Skinny: Both men have covered an extensive amount of sports from baseball to football to basketball to tennis to hockey, these legends have done it all. Albert has commentated on the Super Bowl for Westwood One for many years, he routinely does a great job with the NBA on TNT, and of course, “OH!! A SPECTACULAR MOVE!!!!! BY MICHAEL JORDAN!”. Enberg has done radio and TV, called the last NBC hosted Super Bowl (at least until this season when NBC gets the rights), many playoff basketball and football games professionally and at a collegiate level, and is currently commentating at Wimbledon.

Potential Downfall For Albert: You darn well know what it is……

Potential Downfall For Enberg: Sadly, his senility is showing yet he gets a bulk of NCAA Basketball games, his mind wanders off into another world that we do not care about.

Who’s better?

(4) Jon Miller vs. (5) Verne Lundquist (Old Timers Region)

Skinny: They’re balding, they’re corpulent, they’re old, and they are still going strong in the commentary business. Miller is still doing Sunday Night Baseball and is also the San Francisco Giants radio man. In his early days he was the voice of the University of Hawai’i basketball team. Lundquist really has a fun partner to work with in Bill Raftery on the NCAA on CBS, and called the famous Christian Laettner game with Duke against Kentucky. He also does the SEC on CBS with his passionate voice, and was the voice of the Masters before Jim Nantz swooped in.

Potential Downfall for Miller: Works with Joe Morgan…….forgetting quite a bit basic rules of baseball.

And for Lundquist: Cliches….

Who moves on?

(1) Gus Johnson vs. (8) Ian Eagle (Young Guns Region)

Skinny: Ian Eagle has improved with his basketball and football commentaries and really captures the excitement well…..Gus Johnson is great.

Potential Downfall for Gus: Too much yelling on mundane plays.

And For Eagle: Eye-In Eagle……can’t get over that name, and how many times is he going to say “That’s a MAN’S JAM!”?

Who advances?

(4) Dan Shulman vs. (5) Matt Vasgersian (Young Guns Region)

Skinny: Shulman is well known for his nights with Dickie V on ESPN College Basketball nights, and really shined in the NBA Playoffs with Doris Burke. Vasgersian has a lot of humor in his play-by-play no matter what sport (baseball, football, etc.), and knows his stats and shows brilliant enthusiasm.

Potential Downfall for Shulman: He’s actually Canadian (works in the US full-time now though so he’s in!), and history shows they don’t win much in sports.

And…Vasgersian: Lags behind plays in football and it gets quite annoying.

Who advances?

Next post coming up will have the 2 vs. 7 and 3 vs. 6 of those regions.


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