Dear NBC, Your Coverage Stinks

Sometimes there are great times to be on the west coast. When the famous “Heidi” game occurred, viewers west of the Mississippi River could see the conclusion of that game because that movie wasn’t schedules to be on until later in the evening. West coasters knew the result on TV, east coasters didn’t.

40 years later, we have the internet, live streaming, digital cable, and people look like they’re talking to themselves when it’s actually a Bluetooth in their ear. Well NBC isn’t up to speed on all that, and they’ve put up absolutely terrible coverage of what has been a good start to these Olympics.

You want me to sum it up for you step by step? Okay….

1. “Live coverage”. Outside of some men’s and women’s soccer matches there have been practically ZERO live coast-to-coast events on the NBC family of networks. When the US/China basketball game was announced to be on at 10:00 AM on Sunday, I was ready to catch part of the game since I’m up before 10:00 AM. Instead, the game was broadcast at 10:00 AM PT and before that they had the nerve of giving away the result beforehand. I don’t understand what they get out of delaying the broadcast to the west coast to get more viewers, most of the country’s population is on the east coast. Anything for ratings I guess, but it makes no sense for me to stay up at 11:00 PM to watch an event in which I already know the result.

2. Fluff pieces. NBC seems to be going nuts with some of these athletes’ personal lives. You can set aside a time for that, but it’s there over and over and over again when they can air one of the events. The “human interest” stories keep taking center stage and that is not right.

3. Commentators. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda this and that and yin and yang and Tom and Jerry. For just about every event I’ve watched on NBC (which is somewhere between 7-10) the commentators are terrible. They keep talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and you wonder whether or not they even know there’s a game going on. When is the last time you’ve heard of badminton needing a specific temperature to play in? Or any sport that doesn’t involve going in a pool? And how many times must they mention a player’s height? If someone is 6’3 and it’s archery then you know things aren’t going well.

4. Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, oh yeah, there are other swimmers. I know Torres is making history at age 41 swimming in the Olympics, and Phelps has now won 3 gold medals (including that relay race which nearly made Dan Hicks lose his voice), but they can’t be IT for swimming. The bias towards the stars is sickening and that to me is an insult to the other Americans who have won medals and other athletes in general.

5. Opening Ceremony. Airing the opening ceremony 12 hours after it aired and package it as “live” as one of the MSNBC anchors stated is one thing. But to have the audacity to skip some of the countries just to show the US Olympians and then rewind it so all the other countries can be shown is classless. Matt Lauer making jokes about the Hungarian’s jerseys and making some statement about Madonna adopting a kid in Malawi is also classless.

The CBC isn’t perfect, and actually they have regressed a little bit from the winter Olympics and some commentators there I’m not to keen on, but they do a much better job. They show events live coast-to-coast, events Canada isn’t in, heck, they show more events the Americans are in than Canada!

I’m urging anyone who is tired of NBC, to find a way to watch something else other than that network, check your cable company to see if you have the CBC or watch online. This is ridiculous that NBC can get away with this much incompetence for the sake of ratings and profit.


12 thoughts on “Dear NBC, Your Coverage Stinks

  1. -dan

    i’m not sure where you are from, but thank you.

    i wish more people out west would boycott nbc’s prime time coverage, but most don’t know or don’t care that it’s taped. one of the local yokels on the radio spent the 10 minutes criticizing nbc and then said ‘it’s been great to watch!’. talk about a ‘please sir, may i have some more’ moment.

    the prime time coverage COULD be live out here (the swimming would start at 7p, how awesome would that be?), but instead it’s aired 2 hours AFTER the fact. considering how much nbc spent and how they forced the IOC to adjust the start times, you’d think they would want to show it LIVE to as many people as possible.

    the basketball final is scheduled to be played at 2a eastern on sunday morning 08/24. that would be 11p saturday 08/23 out west. i really hope nbc decides to (a) air it live on nbc or (b) allow one of the cable channels to carry it live. if the usa is in the final, i would stay up late or take a nap beforehand. if they decide to hold it for a few hours until sunday morning, it’s going to be a shame and i won’t watch it at all.


  2. Mookie Post author

    You’re welcome.

    I currently live in the Seattle Area so residing in a state that borders Canada guarantees me the CBC no matter what cable company.

    For NBC more ratings and more commercials means more profit, they really don’t care if half the country doesn’t see it live. The worst part is that they’ve restricted live streaming to their website only, and from a website I looked at, it only works for Windows Vista (cringes).

    This is the same network that thought Heidi was more important than a pivotal football game.

    NBC pretty much has you by the balls unless you can get the CBC or find another way to watch any other country’s feed online.

  3. Mookie Post author

    Could you imagine Chris Berman covering luge?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    CBS should throw some money in there because Gus Johnson screaming his head off for Curling would make me watch!

  4. jmeccaman

    Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Synchronized diving, gymnastics…. over and over and over again! You’d think NBC would add a little diversity in their primetime. BORING!

  5. kaz

    I might be mistaken but the chinese boxer 69 kg is not from china i heard his trainer speak to him and it wasnt chinese

  6. westcoastgal

    How right you are—hey NBC, why don’t you tape delay the superbowl too? We all missed the 100 metres live—the world was watching and we missed out. You suck NBC.

  7. KungFu

    Sweet great Archery write up!

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

  8. mike

    Did anybody else program their dvr based on nbc’s published schedule that showed the men’s 100m final to air between 7:30 pm and 10 pm …and so missed it because it was on sometime after 10?

    Thanks nbc for the incorrect schedule,(incompetent morons).

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