The Dick Stockton Curse Continues!

The MLB playoffs thingy started today, and Cubs fans of course were hoping that Dick Stockton would not call any more of their games. Why? Because according to Rumors and Rants, they suck!

My worst fears have come to fruition.

Just a few days ago, I was convinced that the Cubs were unquestionably the team to beat heading into the National League playoffs — the first time I’ve felt that way since I was a naive 7-year-old in 1989. And then TBS had to spoil everything and whip out its Dick.

Dick Stockton will be calling the Cubs-Dodgers series, which is the best thing that’s happened to LA since Kobe was acquitted. As previously documented on this site, Stockton and the Cubs are a toxic mix, and not just because of his incompetence in the booth. (Though at his age we understand that incontinence in the booth may also be an issue). The Cubs are 0-for at least their last 6 games that Stockton has called.

Even better! Today the Cubs got walloped 7-2 by the Dodgers at Wrigley, so make it 0-7 when Stockton calls their games!

Tough luck Cubs fans, maybe you can get Stockton to choke on a hot dog or something? I mean, common sense says the Cubs just aren’t good in the playoffs, but this curse thing has to stop! Why are you going to blame it on him? Enjoy your sweep though!


One thought on “The Dick Stockton Curse Continues!

  1. Cubfan1971

    I 100% agree this guy is the worse,, we need to let the word out ,The DICK is out of any Cub games!!! I even went as far as emailed TBS in Game to No response!!! Geez thats suprising.. Let it be known to all Cub Fans and media!!


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