Jaguars/Texans Live Blog – 2nd Half

Fans commentating on a game > ESPN Clowns

I did not watch a second of the Drew Rosenhaus interview…so keep an eye out for anything interesting.

Rashean Mathis is on a cart, uh oh. MJD takes the kick back and gets to the 28 yard line to start the 2nd half. Matt Jones catches one along the sidelines for a gain of 11 and a first down. Fred Taylor gets 1 yard, Rashean Mathis with a sprained knee so that obviously means his season is done. David Garrard caught his own pass!! It was batted down and he loses 6 yards, but nice!

“[David Garrard] has better hands than Jerry Porter.” – Jaws

Which leads us to Porter getting a 32 yard gain on the deep ball………but the one time he is useful George Wrighster gets called for a face mask penalty. It’s 3rd and a long long long way to go. Fittingly, MJD drops a screen pass and it’s punt time.

Jacobi Jones down the sidelines!!!!!! I think the punter brings him down at the Jacksonville 39 with 12:06 left and the Jags continue to fall apart at the seams. Can the Texans finish them off in this quarter?

I like how when asked if he thought Plax would ever play for the Giants again, Drew was hyping himself as an “optimist” because he was a sports agent. He is “optimistic” that he won’t lose a big chunk of change. – Mal

+5, next question.

Slaton gets 1 yard (that’s being generous) on 1st down and he’s been cooled off after a hot start. Nice, he loses 3 yards on the next play via a Reggie Hayward tackle. A 3rd and 12 throw just screams short throw and that’s what they do with Kevin Walter, well short of the first down.

Kris Brown from 50…….better snap, he blasts that one through!!! 13-0 Texans with 10:12 left in the 3rd.

Mike: “That’s the tallest building in the world not in a downtown area”.

TK: “I didn’t know they kept stats on that”. (via Mal)

I had no idea either to be honest…maybe because I don’t care.

JFein will be with you next week for Bucs/Panthers, so be sure to be there on Monday.

The kickoff takes one hop and MJD take it to the 20. Garrard to Mercedes Lewis and gets 19 just after Mike says, “Jacksonville where is your offense?”. An injured Texan, Eugene Wilson the former Patriot player is down. Timeout in Houston.

Wilson is helped to the sidelines, Garrard throws it deep for Matt Jones!!! That is too far for Jones and it’s 2nd and 10.

“Did you just hear that? Jacques Reeves runner-up in the Big Ten 200 meters? How did he know that?” – Tony Kornheiser

Let it go Mookie, let it go……

Reggie Williams gets a first down near midfield and the Jaguars have something resembling an NFL offense right now. Officially at their own 48, Garrard fell down and Mario Williams chases Garrard down after he gets up and sacks him. Looked like his own lineman tripped him up. What a dangerous pass, but Jones catches it and not Dunta Robinson who jumped the route, first down at the Houston 38. False start #4….

Play-action, Garrard finds Porter and he gets the penalty yardage back and a little more for 6. Fred Taylor on the draw, high steps it and heads down the sidelines!!! Brings some Texan defenders with him and it’s a first down at the 13 yard line!!!

MJD goes backwards though, and I am confident I saw a kid drinking a beer. 2nd and 12, 3 WRs to the right of Garrard and looks for Williams….incomplete. Nearly picked off by Jacques Reeves. Matt Jones on the underneath route gets all of 4 yards and we’ve got another field goal. This is some “play-it-safe” playcalling.

Scobee from 29 yards……GOOD! We’ve got a shootout in Texas, 3:29 left, 13-3 Texans.

ONSIDE KICK!!!! Okay….that was lousy, they didn’t even hide the fact that it was an onside and they just gave the Texans great field position again.

First down at the 42……1st and 15 at the 47 with another false start. Jaws is getting frustrated as am I.

Slaton on the screen, has a burst of speed to the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN AT THE TWO YARD LINE!!!!!!!!! Then Slaton promptly gets stopped for no gain by Sensabaugh.

“Good thing I didn’t do what Howard [Cosell] did and say he was gone.” – Kornheiser

2nd and goal, Slaton doesn’t get in!! There better be a TD here.

Timeout Houston before the 3rd and goal.

Hey, Ken Dorsey could be the next Tom Brady. You never know…. – Jfein

Or the next Ron Powlus, and I tend to side with the latter.

This is just setting football back 40 years now. They ran it on every play with Slaton, not a power running back, and he is stopped. Of course, they’ll kick the field goal.

GOOD! 16-3 Texans with :46 left and they just keep inviting the Jags to get back in the game.

Brian Witherspoon gets to the 40 yard line on the return…..and a great catch by Mercedes Lewis to the Houston 40!!

Taylor gets a short gain and I’m bored with this game. End of the 3rd.

Texans 16 Jaguars 3

And the stupid line of the week went to Kornhole on PTI when he said that the Giants were “number one with a bullet.” – James Craven

He really said that? My oh my put Emmitt in the booth instead of this fool.

4th quarter underway, 2nd and 5 at the Texans 36 and Garrard looking for Jones on the back shoulder and it’s incomplete. The blitz was coming and Jones was covered well by Reeves. A 3rd and 5 and I just sense another field goal. They ran the ball and the Texans stopped them. This is some terrible football.

Jacksonville is going for it on 4th and 2, Garrard for JONES!!!!!!! HE HAS IT AT THE 5 YARD LINE!!! Beautiful throw and a good catch, they gamble a win as he beats Reeves. MJD is stuffed by Amobi Okoye on 1st and goal. Here we go again. Timeout Jacksonville…..what a farce.

We’re back, 2nd and goal. Garrard sees man-to-man coverage, pressure coming and he tries to run it……SACKED!! Demeco Ryans stops him or else he would’ve scored!

3rd and goal, Williams in motion, and Garrard throws it wide of Porter. They will go for it again and this is probably the ball game considering how Houston are winning time of possession.


Oh look, Owen Daniels catches one for a first down. The Jaguars have pretty much packed it in, and why Jack Del Rio still has a job when he cannot string 2 good seasons together is beyond me. Slaton gets 7 and the clock draining continues with 10:30 and counting.

Slaton breaks one to midfield!!! Of course he fell down before that but got back up and got more yardage and more clock is being drained. Andre Johnson catches one for 8, it is his 6th catch and he has the only TD of the game. A Ryan Moats sighting!! First down for Mr. Moats and the Texans are under 7:30 away from sinking the Jaguars for good. Then he shows why he is still Ryan Moats and loses 6.

Rosenfel’s pass is deflected!!! Incomplete. It’s 3rd and 15 and I’m expecting punt.

They run a draw play and it’s punt time but the Texans have given the Jags just 6:00 left and this game may end in under 3 hours.

Fair catch by Northcutt at the 8 with 5:22 to go.

Why does Jim Carrey still get movies?

“Remember when the astronauts were brought into the Astrodome for a great barbecue.” – Kornheiser making no sense

FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garrard has the ball knocked out, Mario Williams slaps the ball out and Houston recovers it INSIDE THE 10!!! Turnover #3 and that’s game over….Del Rio is challenging it (he will lose).

The ruling on the field stands.

“Always a good clue that when you see a quarterback’s arm go forward and the hand empty, it’s an incomplete pass.” – Mike Tirico via JFein

At least it’s not Bryant Gumbel.

First and goal and the Texans have a REALLY short field and this has to be a touchdown, they are 7 yards away.

AND THEY DO!! SLATON WALKS IN UNTOUCHED!!! TOUCHDOWN HOUSTON!!! GAME OVER!!!! 23-3 Texans and the Jags look like a high school team. Just 4:35 left and the Texans have won this one.

My dad is watching this game and said he laughed when Slaton walked in the end zone, he said Shaun Alexander could’ve scored.

Oh yeah, an actual game, the Jags are moving the ball well since Houston is in prevent mode and the game is in hand. Northcutt to the 19 yard line as we head below the 3:00 mark. MJD is a pinball, he just breaks 3 tackles and gets 15 yards and it’s first and goal.

Garrard to Jones…incomplete.

TOUCHDOWN FRED TAYLOR!! He walks in and the Jags get a garbage touchdown. 23-10 Texans with 2:11. Taylor sets the franchise record for touchdowns with 70, but it’s too late.

“Talk about hitting the pillow and not having any regrets?” – Tirico via JFein


The Jaguars need to work on onside kicks. They fail here.

TOUCHDOWN SLATON!!!!!! He is untouched again for the entire 42 yard scamper and he gets over 100 yards and it’s an offensive explosion. 30-10 Texans with 2:04.

“Slaton untouched by a human hand.” – Mike Tirico

E.T phone home.

2:00 warning as the Jags take it to the 37.

I’m calling it a night, see you for Browns/Eagles in 2 weeks!


Texans 30 Jaguars 17


87 thoughts on “Jaguars/Texans Live Blog – 2nd Half

  1. Mookie Post author

    Yes it was, I watch it every Tuesday on FSC. Type in “Fanzone” on Youtube and you’ll get a bunch, the 4-4 game was great.

  2. Mal

    I like how when asked if he thought Plax would ever play for the Giants again, Drew was hyping himself as an “optimist” because he was a sports agent. He is “optimistic” that he want lose a big chunk of change.

  3. JFein

    I liked how Drew Rosenhaus shut up Dr. Kornheiser who tried to turn it into a conversation about guns in the NFL.

  4. Mal

    Mike: “That’s the tallest building in the world not in a downtown area”.

    TK: “I didn’t know they kept stats on that”.

  5. JFein

    Wait, the tallest building of the world is in Houston? I always thought it was this monstrosity in Abu Dhabi.

  6. JFein

    Oh, he said not in a downtown area. That explains a lot. Damn, it took me forever to find a good picture of the Burj Dubai as well!

  7. Mookie Post author

    Sadly 49er16, I screwed myself into 3 Monday night live blogs that may have no bearing on the playoff picture.

    Oh well, the playoff matchups will be good so those will be nice.

  8. JFein

    Thanks for the promo, Mookie! This will be be the regular season finale of live blogs at Fire Andy Reid Now! Sorry, but I won’t be around much once the holidays start.

  9. JFein

    You’ve got Eagles-Browns, which if the Eagles show life and beat the Gmen and Skins, that’s a big one for them. And then there’s Packers and Bears which a). is normally a good game and b). if the Vikes choke (which is not out of the question) that could be a crucial game for one if not both teams if the Pack can start winning.

    I’m actually disappointed I won’t be around for those.

  10. JFein

    “A touchdown here would put them right back in the game.” – Mike Tirico

    This does not feel like it’s only 13-0.

    “He was popping up on almost every series.” – Mike Tirico


  11. JFein

    I would have faked that field goal. Sooner or later the Texans are gonna break out into a 3-score lead at which point this one is curtains.

  12. Mookie Post author

    @ JFein, that first game ended 37-3 and the meeting the year before that in Chicago was 35-7. I don’t know, but it could be a key game.

    Eagles/Browns is blech now that Ken Dorsey is starting. If Philly fails to win then Andy Reid is done.

    Which reminds me, I’ll pick up the “FIRE ANDY REID!” chant for you.

  13. JFein

    When kicking a surprise onside kick, it is generally not a good idea to a). make it obvious by the way you line up and b). kick it right to the guy in the ketchup uniform.

  14. James Craven

    That was a stupid idea to onside down by ten in the late stages of the third quarter.

  15. James Craven

    And the stupid line of the week went to Kornhole on PTI when he said that the Giants were “number one with a bullet.”

    That was sooooooo predictible!

  16. 49er16

    @JFein, No Dorsey can’t be the next Brady. He had his chance in SF and never could do anything with it.


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