Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Review 2008 Pt. 2

In the first half of the season, the Seahawks were 2-8 and Dick Stockton was haunting me. The second half of the season saw only 2 more wins, and some pretty bad announcing.

Game 11 – Washington

Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson

Vasgersian was decent but he is absolutely horrible with knowing what yard-line the ball is on. The ball could be at the 15 and he’ll say it was at around the 11. My opinion on JC Pearson does not change.

Grade: C-

Game 13 – New England (Game 12 was on Thanksgiving)

Dick Enberg and Randy Cross

Enberg needs a nap and Randy Cross must step away from the announcing booth. New England’s first touchdown was caught by Ben Watson, but Enberg mistook him for RANDY MOSS! Not to be outdone though, Cross apparently pencils the Seahawks down for having a player named PATRICK TRUFANT. Enberg was having so many problems with name pronounciation and it felt like he was lost. Randy Cross is just lost, please boot him and put in Dan Fouts.

Grade: F

Game 14 – @ St. Louis

Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson

For once, it was Vasgersian that had a terrible game whilst Pearson had a decent day analyzing. Vasgersian mistook TJ Duckett for Leonard Weaver, called first downs when the play was actally one yard short of the marker…I think it’s safe to say he did not polish up this turd of a game very well.

Grade: D- for Vasgersian and B+ for Pearson

Game 15 – New York Jets

Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker

I was very surprised/thrilled that Gus Johnson got this game. He did a pretty good job but slipped up when he said “Seattle has played mistake free football”, ignoring the fact that they had lost 2 fumbles in the game already. He did correct himself later but that’s a brain fart. Steve Tasker, who normally is a poor analyst, did a good job all-around. By far the best of the bunch in a dismal 2nd half stretch of commentary.

Grade: B

Game 16 – @ Arizona

Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick
Brian Billick is getting better at not goofing up on player names. It’s a shame that he is paired up with Thom “Tebowner” Brennaman, who sucks the life out of any game. At least I didn’t have to put up with him talking about Tim Tebow doing nothing wrong until late in the game like last Thursday. It was a game I generally ignored in the 2nd half, so I’ll give a no grade.

Grade: N/A

Yikes, just like last year the commentary got worse. That’s what happens when you are 4-12 though. Don’t worry Seahawks fans, because John Marshall is fired, we’re going to run the football more, and next year is our year to NOT GET JC PEARSON!!!


One thought on “Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Review 2008 Pt. 2

  1. JFein

    Matt Vasgersian definitley regressed this year. It seems like he is leaving Fox and going full time at the MLB Network at a good time in his career.


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