Around the NFC West

While the Cards get ready to play in the Super Bowl, we should point out that the other 3 NFC West teams are actually making some important offseason moves.

  • The Seattle Seahawks have expressed interest in signing TJ Houshmanzadeh, the Bengals wideout and free-agent. Of course, signing him would likely equal no Crabtree, and no Crabtree means offensive tackle…….and if there is no offensive tackle and Tim Ruskell goes with one more defensive player in the first round I will lose it.
  • In San Francisco, the 49ers have hired Jimmy Raye to be their 5 millionth offensive coordinator in the last 5 seasons. Raye was the Jets running backs coach. I’m sensing a pattern here with these hirings, perhaps Mike Singletary is looking towards a run-first style of offense with Frank Gore and DeShaun Foster? Not sure I like this hiring, why they picked a 68 year old man who hasn’t done squat since the days of Eric Dickerson is a bit perplexing.

Last but not least though, the St. Louis Rams have made some hirings in an effort to shape up the staff under new head coach, Steve Spagnuolo. Paul Ferraro will be the defensive assistant (rumored to be linebackers coach), Frank Leonard will be the offensive assistant. The quarterbacks coach is none other than…..

Dick Curl!

Curl was the quarterbacks coach in Kansas City and New York (with the Jets), and developed legends like Patrick Ramsey, Brooks Bollinger, Brodie Croyle, and Tyler Thigpen. I think the Rams may want to take a look at Matthew Stafford in the draft, because Marc Bulger has nothing left in the tank.

And there is nothing funn about the name Dick Curl, nothing at all.


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