Thursday’s Sweet 16 Coverage Maps

With the great help of users at The506 listing which affiliates get which games, I’ve created as accurate a map as I can give you.

The first map is for the nation split between UConn/Purdue and Xavier/Pitt.


And the difficult nightcap map with the 2 games in Memphis/Missouri and Duke/Villanova.


Again, users like ReganBuffalo from The506 worked hard to collect all of the affiliate assignments, yours truly did the maps.

As you can see, with some states not voting unanimously to carry the same game you’ll see places like Tennessee not carry Missouri/Memphis on all CBS affiliates.

If I’ve made any errors please do notify me and I’ll correct them as soon as possible!


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Sweet 16 Coverage Maps

  1. HoustonCuse

    Thanks for this! CBS should be producing these. Will you be doing maps for tomorrows game too? I wanna see my Cuse!


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