Hilarious English Commentator Goes Crazy

Many thanks to Homesdale for sending me this clip!

It’s time to steer away from the Barclays Premier League and head for Germany! It’s Bundesliga play with Wolfsburg facing Bayern Munich on Saturday. Wolfsburg is thrashing Bayern Munich 4-1, when Grafite of Brazil scored to make it 5-1. It was an amazing goal, top quality, amazing footwork, but let’s not pay attention to that for a moment. The commentator for the world feed of this match sounds like he should be on Sky Sports fan zone. This is not a joke, this is the real commentator.

That was so bad it was hilarious. It’s unprofessional that it’s for the world feed, but I can’t stop laughing.


2 thoughts on “Hilarious English Commentator Goes Crazy

  1. JFein

    You mean to say that this is not the BCS National Championship game and that was not Tim Tebow making the play and that was not Thom Brennaman on the call?


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