Women’s Fanzone Makes Debut


Yesterday marked a special day in the Sky Sports janitor closet Fanzone booth. For the first time in its history, the men would be taking the week off thus making for our first ever Sky Sports Ladies Fanzone! After the jump see how that turned out! It’s Arsenal against Middlesbrough and Blackburn versus Wigan!

Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough

Blackburn vs. Wigan

I don’t want this to sound sexist in any way, but I can’t get into this one. Better than Pam Ward butchering the college football, but when a woman shrieks compared to a man, the higher pitch is going to come off as less pleasing on the ears. Can this idea immediately because it’s just not the same and it comes off as a gimmick more than anything.


3 thoughts on “Women’s Fanzone Makes Debut

  1. JFein

    The blonde taking her shirt off in the middle of her first goal call and kissing the camera during the second was quite creepy.


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