I’m not Canadian, but I support a club soccer team that plays in Canada.

If you perused this blog over the last few weeks you’ll notice a long rant on Toronto FC’s failures as a club, particularly in management. These are my exact words:

I’m treated to watching on a small computer monitor, a 2-0 loss by TFC and probably the worst game they’ve ever played. Missed chance after missed chance coupled with uninspiring play means that the only way Toronto can win this is if they beat Montreal 4-0 two weeks from now.

I’ll say it right now, it’s not going to happen.

Now technically Toronto needed to win by at least 4 goals so I used 4-0 as an example. Tonight, the daunting task of winning by at least 4 goals had to be accomplished in Montreal against the already eliminated Impact. I came in thinking it would be the ho-hum 2-0 win and I’d be ready to go on an angry rant.

I eat my words. They went out and did it.

Toronto FC 6 Montreal Impact 1

I’m too happy and friggin ecstatic to care that Montreal played mainly reserves. They really threw that game with that lineup. I do not care one bit.

For once this team got off their butts and put in the effort of a lifetime. Coming back from a goal down to score the next 6 is amazing regardless of who Montreal put out there.

First ever Toronto FC hat trick in team history by Dwayne De Rosario. Most goals scored in a single game in club history. First ever trophy won. It may be like saying you’re the world’s tallest midget by winning a three team tournament and you’re the only MLS team in it, but I don’t care.

In hindsight I’ll probably say this was hardly deserved beating a bunch of reserves. But tonight I jump around a happy man.

Champions!!!!!!! YES!!!!

I swear I’ll find videos and pictures to post tomorrow. Unbelievable night all watched on my crummy computer. Tough luck if you’re the Vancouver Whitecaps, who would’ve been the Canadian champions had Toronto not done this tonight. The team was in attendance to possibly hoist the trophy and the miracle happened at Saputo Stadium.

Ironically, the Whitecaps play Montreal this weekend in league play in the USL.

What a win. What a night. Fantastic and dramatic comeback to be crowned champions of the Canadian Champions League by Toronto FC!!!


Yes Mo, you still suck.



  1. CK

    Yes, I am another non-Canadian TFC fan, but we all know that if the Reds make a run in CONCACAF similar to Montreal’s Mo ain’t going anywhere for awhile.


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