Marcelo Balboa is Inexplicably Back

For those who don’t know, NBC Universal had the rights to the upcoming crucial World Cup qualifier between the US and Mexico at the Azteca Stadium. Since NBC couldn’t care about what the viewer thinks (hence why their ratings suck), so they tried to sell it to good ol’ ESPN, who normally handle USMNT games. Sadly, ESPN wasn’t interested in paying a pretty penny for a qualifier that could see Mexico either extend their unbeaten streak in qualifiers against the US or be in grave danger of missing the World Cup altogether.

So NBC Universal stuck it on some digital channel that I bet very few people know even existed. No problem, you can watch on Univision right? Well it’s NBC Universal so they put the Spanish-language option on Telemundo.

To get to the point of this post, Mun2 has chosen their announcers for the English-language broadcast, and I’d get a barf bag if I were you when you look at this blockquote…

*The Insider has learned that GolTV’s Phil Schoen and former USA defender Marcelo Balboa will form the English-language announcing team for the USA-Mexico World Cup qualifier Aug. 12 on mun2, the cable outlet operated by Telemundo. Andres Cantor and Sammy Sadovnik will do commentary on Spanish-language Telemundo. The Spanish duo will be on site in Mexico City, the English tandem will not. The English audio will be available on Telemundo for those who have Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) capability.

Marcelo was part of the terrible tandem of Dave O’Brien/Babbleboa for the 2006 World Cup on ESPN.

My absolute hatred for Balboa’s insane and nonsensical “analysis” has been documented here for a long time. Actually don’t even go here and just type in his name on Google and you’ll find out why he is a disaster.

Phil Schoen ain’t that much better either. Listen to him and Ray Hudson for 2 minutes on GolTV and you’ll be reaching for the mute button.

So a huge WCQ is being shoved to a digital channel with two bad announcers who aren’t even going to be at the game. Fantastic job of crapping the bed NBC Universal.

Time to brush up n my Spanish because I’ll be listening to Andres Cantor.


6 thoughts on “Marcelo Balboa is Inexplicably Back

  1. JFein

    Are you effing kidding me??????????? Please tell me this is all an elaborate April Fools joke……

    Since I assume it’s not, a few things:

    1. I thought ESPN had the rights to all U.S. qualifying games.
    2. I don’t get mun2 or Telemundo.
    3. I never thought I would be longing for an ESPN or a Max Bretos/Christopher Sullivan FSC soccer broadcast. I am now thanks to NBC-Universal.
    4. Who in their right mind would hire Marcelo Balboa????? The 06 World Cup was when I started watching soccer, thus I was completely new to some of the rules and intracasies, and even I, knowing little about the sport at the time, could not stand him and O’Brien!
    5. It’s times like this where I really wish I took Spanish in high school instead of French as the online stream that I find will most likely be the Spanish one (actually, if I find a stream of the mun2 broadcast, I might watch that and email you Balboa’s gems just for comedy’s sake for if the U.S. craps the bed again like they did yesterday, I may need the comedy).

  2. JFein

    I knew there was something that I wanted to say that I forgot. Despite the fact that I understand very, very little Spanish (and what little I do know, most of it is from French, and that all gets thrown away when you have guys talking quickly during a sports broadcast), I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Spanish broadcasts of the CONCACAF Gold Cup (while not Telemundo, I do get some Spanish channels such as GolTV and Univision). Pablo Ramirez is great to listen to, if only I could understand what he was saying other than “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!”

    My apologies for the double comment.

  3. James Craven

    I’ll just drop this from for you…

    Various sources (not to be confused with Various Styles) are reporting this morning that on August 12, the day of the United States – Mexico game, Telemundo affiliate mun2 (mun dos) will be offering a “Free Preview” of their channel.

    According to NBC Universal, mun2 has already received commitments from programming distributors that almost double their current 31 million household subscriber base.

    DirecTV and Dish Network will both provide mun2 to their entire subscriber base that day free of charge.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Comcast said something about a free preview as well but if it means listening to those two clowns I’ll pass.

  4. Soccer L

    Well It is obvious when People don’t have any idea what they are talking about. I have unfortunatley just wasted my time in reading your opinions! Now let me share mine!
    Marcelo Balboas is a former US soccer great! Show some respect and gratitude! I am happy that we are finally getting the coverage of soccer we deserve. The commentary of a US hall of famer is welcome.

    1. Mookie Post author

      You just commented on an article that’s nearly a year old. Goodness.

      While I’m at it, I don’t care if he’s a Hall of Famer. Just because he was a great soccer player doesn’t automatically make him a great analyst. To use an NFL example, listen to Emmitt Smith. He can’t speak to save his life but he’s one of the best running backs ever.

      Glad I wasted your time. That’s the blog’s purpose!


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