VIDEO OF THE DAY: What An Amazing Game

If you were like me you ignored blogging on a holiday and spent the night watching one of the great rivalries in college football, Florida State vs. Miami. Last year Miami clawed back from a massive deficit only to fall short 41-39 at the end. This year Miami wasn’t really supposed to do anything the first 4 weeks of the season. Tough contests against FSU heading into last night, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma. This was their first task, and it is the video of the day (albeit short).

I promise I’ll find a better video later on but that’s the best there is that can be embedded here.

That was one of the best games I’ve ever seen. Bruising defense in the 1st half, offensive explosion in the 2nd half. Let’s not forget the missed extra point, another one off the upright and through, and a 52 yard field goal converted ALL from Florida State’s true freshman kicker.

What likely lost Florida State the game was the atrocious clock management moving personnel in and out a la the 49ers/Cardinals game last season. They had a timeout, and instead Miami burned theirs as a result doing the same thing. That alone wasted 25 seconds.

The final play of the game was surreal. I thought Jermon Fortson caught the football and Florida State was about to break Miami’s hearts again. Instead, the refs signalled (correctly) incomplete and the Hurricanes’ upset was complete.

You could argue that the pass should’ve been thrown a little higher for Fortson but it would still be a tough catch to make.

Everything about that game was great. In years past we had our share of “Wide Lefts” and “Wide Rights” but this time around it came down to Randy Shannon’s goal line defense making the stand.

Jacory Harris made some terrible decisions (the pick 6 that he just chucked up) but they weren’t fatal. He was the one that drove his side down the field, created something out of nothing when under pressure, and made precision perfect passes when it mattered. Kudos to you, Jacory Harris on an outstanding and clutch performance.

Graig Cooper was sublime both receiving and at his native running back position. It was Cooper that scored the winning touchdown for the ‘Canes, his 2nd of the night, to cap off the scoring on a night I certainly won’t forget, and neither will the stunned Seminoles fans, coaching staff, and players.

With no Sam Bradford potentially for Oklahoma 3 weeks from now, and Virginia Tech’s continuous crappy starts to the season, Miami could defy the “experts” opinion and get 1 or 2 more wins in their 4 game stretch of doom.

Last night’s game left me breathless. Drama from start to finish like a rivalry game should be.

When football returns you always need one game to have the excitement and entertainment as shown on Monday to get the juices flowing. This was the game and I’m really antsy in anticipation for the first weekend of college and NFL action absorbing all of my time.


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