What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #1

It’s baaaaaaaack! The weekly segment rolled out over the NBA playoffs a few months ago is here again! This post features links, quips, comments, and quotes from an array of sports blogs and forums talking/ranting about the team they cover or the team they support. Oh yeah, you have to lose to be on here.

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Monday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. So come on down Chicago, Carolina, Detroit, St. Louis, Arizona, and DEFINITELY Cincinnati.


“unf**king believable.”

“we are f**king cursed.”

“Defeat….from the jaws of victory.”

“I’m trying really hard to keep my composure…..but I’m failing.”

“That’s just fait [sic] screwing us over.”

“That’s a kick in the balls.” – Immediate comments from members of Cincy Jungle after the Broncos lucked their way to victory.

I am just as sad as Bengals fans are. Denver will probably start the season 3-0, meaning that the Seahawks getting the #1 overall pick thanks to Denver could be out of the question.

The Broncos had no right to win that game but the Bengals handed it to them on a silver platter. You can’t just botch the snap, fail to take advantage of terrible punting, and not capitalize on the shortcomings of Denver’s offense and expect to win.

That will probably be up there as the play of the season, mainly because Gus Johnson exploded on the call.


I really just want to go to bed and hope tomorrow comes and I have forgotten this debacle of a start. I would never have imagined that the Panthers would play worse then the infamous playoff meltdown last January but they did. They scored fewer points and committed more turnovers, a whopping 7 turnovers. Throw in giving up a punt return for a TD and you have fan base in disbelief. Well not everyone is in disbelief.

The Jake Haters are sure to be very vocal this week and I have to admit I’m starting to listen. Delhomme has now thrown 9 INT’s in his last two games. How bad would he have to play next weekend against the Falcons to lose his job? Would only 3 INT’s be good day for him? Nothing short of a win in Atlanta would set off panic in Charlotte and for good reason. – Jaxon from Cat Scratch Reader, recapping the debacle in Charlotte.

That was close to a carbon copy of the Cardinals playoff game. Start off with a 7-0 lead and then fall to pieces from there on. Jake Delhomme either had no time to make a play, or he tried to make a play and did so….for the Eagles. Two games in a row dating back to that playoff game has Delhomme been absolute trash. This is not an anomaly, it’s a trend. The Cinderella story of 2003-04 when they made the Super Bowl is over for both Delhomme and John Fox.

If Delhomme sucks in Atlanta next week then they should seriously consider either trading for Derek Anderson or signing Jeff Garcia. Delhomme is their best QB on the roster (because his backups are Josh McCown and Matt Moore) and he isn’t performing.


Jim Schwartz made the right calls when it came to red flags, used the clock correctly, didn’t waste time outs, and made his case to the refs often, and won a few arguments, a total 180 from Mr. I Believe In The Invisible. But Schwartz’s defensive scheme, as implemented by coordinator Gunther Cunningham, couldn’t have stopped a Pop Warner team today (Remember an obscure defensive play called a “Blitz?” Could you run one occasionally?).

And the Detroit defense? Words can’t describe how bad it was, but we expected what we saw.  The Lions would have given up 52 if Reggie Bush’s late TD wasn’t called back on a hold. There was no pass rush, allowing Drew Brees, a very goood QB, to do whatever he wanted. – Al Beaton from The Wayne Fontes Experience after the Saints did whatever they wanted against the Lions.

Mr. I Believe in the Invisible I’m assuming is Rod Marinelli. Beaton does go on to say it’s only one game and there’s no reason to panic.

In other news: 18 game losing streak. Adrian Peterson is next.

St. Louis

It’s amazing.  The Rams have turned over 50% of their roster, 100% of their coaching staff and their whole front office since 2008 and yet they continue to make the same forehead-slapping mistakes as last year.

Why? – Jeff Roman from Rams Gab after the Seahawks destroyed the Rams yet again.

Probably because the Rams are now the lousiest show on turf with a QB that’s been on the decline and a hothead penalty mongerer in Richie Incognito?

The Rams are going to suck again, but it has more to do with their lack of talent than anything else.


This seems like something that has plagued the Cardinals for the past several seasons, and it doesn’t seem like it’s not going away any time soon. They had 12 penalties for 82 yards. They all seemed to come on key drives that could have helped us score, especially in the fourth quarter. Most of these came on offense but special teams and defense had their fare share of them as well. If I was Coach Ken Whisenhunt, I would make this team practice two-a-days until they get it into their heads that this sloppy, undisciplined style of play is unacceptable. – Pyromnc from Revenge of the Birds on the penalties Arizona committed yesterday in their 20-16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers

It’s always good to see the Cardinals lose. Warner has no time in the pocket and Arizona keeps shooting themselves. Keep the curse alive, boys!



Four interceptions, a career high, in your Bears debut?

Receivers that look like they never know the route?  Like they didn’t even practice all off-season?

A fake punt in your own territory in a close game?


I have to give some props to what looked like a much-improved defense most of the game, but this offense was miserable.  It looked totally overmatched. While I liked Cutler’s ability to stay mentally in the game for most of the way, the offense looked totally out of sync. – Bear Fan Dan from Fire Lovie Smith.

You CANNOT have Devin Hester as your #1 receiver. Nathan Vasher should not be matched up against Greg Jennings. Jay Cutler should not throw ducks for Nick Collins to catch. He could’ve easily been picked off 7 times last night let alone 4.

Their defense did all they could before they finally broke down (and that was really Vasher). The offense was virtually invisible all game.

And now Brian Urlacher is apparently done for the season. Chicago is going to be in for a long year.

That’s it for the first NFL edition of WTLAS. Tune in next week when the games are actually exciting and the fans are more vulgar, vitriolic, and frustrated.


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