Proof That The Mike Holmgren Era Has Passed

Post-Super Bowl run I was pretty much infuriated by anything Mike Holmgren did regarding playcalling. From 2006-2008 the clock management, creativity, and critical thinking all went out the door and we haven’t been past the divisional round since.

The problem I had with his playcalling is how predictable it was. If we’re losing by even 10 points in the 3rd quarter we’re going to throw it practically all of the time. It took him 9 weeks to figure out Shaun Alexander’s 25 inch runs weren’t cutting it and that Matt Hasselbeck was playing out of his mind in 2007.

Holmgren is not known for using trick plays. He is a play-it-safe guy, or as we like to call it, boring. The closest he has come to a trick play is a Nate Burleson end-around….or any shotgun formation.

With a new coach, new system, and different mentality, Jim Mora and Greg Knapp finally delivered something that Seahawks fans have been dying for. Ladies and gentlemen, I GIVE YOU THE SEACAT!!!



I looked at the video and realized that if Hasselbeck had thrown it backwards one more time to Seneca, then he would’ve had a WIDE OPEN TJ Houshmandzadeh for a touchdown. This is important because Hasselbeck threw the slowest pass ever and got picked off on the ensuing play.

It’s clear that this can’t be expected every week but WHAT TOOK SO LONG?! That’s opening up the offense, not playing more shotgun like Holmgren did in 2008.

Knapp also called a QB sneak, something I’ve seen Holmgren run maybe once in his entire tenure as Seahawks head coach.

The difference between Mora/Knapp and Holmgren is like night and day.

Now please beat the 49ers this weekend and stack 8 in the box so stop Frank Gore.


6 thoughts on “Proof That The Mike Holmgren Era Has Passed

  1. 4th and long.

    That seacat stuff does look snazzy but be warned as one who has spent time with both mora and knapp, they are kind of not the brightest guys around and the initial excitement and passion they bring doesn’t make up for their poor game planning and coaching abilities.

    cool blog, website thing you got here, kudos.

  2. Richie

    I’m not sure if TJ would have been wide open since it looked like the DB only gave up coverage once he saw Seneca cross the line.

    Either way though I have a question for you that I’d prefer not to leave in your comments section. If you could please contact me at Thanks!

    1. Mookie Post author

      The DB started moving in before Seneca crossed the line I think.

      Of course he could fake running across the line and throw it on the run but I am not sure if that was the designed play specifically.

      Improvising on a trick play has potential for disaster.

  3. JFein

    Wait, MVN, the Most Valuable Network? Didn’t one of those spammers show up at AA already? Now they want SSR? And before you MVNers invade FARN!, I encourage to read my commenting guidelines!

    And Seacat, Mookie? Really? Ugh. On the plus side, at least now I know where Andy Reid got his hesitancy to run a QB sneak from…..

    /Mike Holmgren’d.


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