FANZONE: Man Utd 4 Man City 3

Amidst the NFL action and the disaster that occurred at Candlestick Park (or whatever they call it now) there was some other football being played. In what is being hailed as one of the greatest Manchester Derbies ever, Manchester United’s Michael Owen scored with virtually the last kick of the game to beat Manchester City 4-3 at Old Trafford in a game with drama from start to finish.

Since the Premier League is really touchy about highlights I can only give you what Sky Sports Fanzone saw. As you know Fanzone is a fantastic idea and should never ever be dumped for a live soccer broadcast.

It’s a lot of goals, plenty of controversy regarding the stoppage time, and two rival fans going at it in a small commentary booth.

HAHAHA!!! Man City lose AGAIN!!!!

Sorry about that…ummm…fantastic fanzone with a great call from the shrieking United fan at the end.


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