What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #2

It’s baaaaaaaack! The weekly segment rolled out over the NBA playoffs a few months ago is here again! This post features links, quips, comments, and quotes from an array of sports blogs and forums talking/ranting about the team they cover or the team they support. Oh yeah, you have to lose to be on here.

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Monday. I’ve been busy so this edition is Tuesday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction (usually 5-6 teams are picked) but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. So come on down Seattle, Philly, Dallas, New England, and of course Detroit.


Big Play Babs misinterpreted his name. Big Plays for us, Jordan [Babineaux], for US. At least Brian Russell would have dramatically whiffed on a tackle, Babs just took terrible angles on both long runs. He was okay outside of those two plays but, uh, without those two we win 10-9. – Chris Sullivan from Seahawk Addicts after the implosion at San Francisco.

Babineaux is worrying me. While Brian Russell does nothing right, Babs refuses to make a good angle on ANY running play. To be honest I wanted him cut after that disaster at Lambeau Field in the playoffs two years ago. He’s got to fix that.

I have nothing further to add. It won’t be pretty.


Stafford throws a couple of passes away, 3rd and 6. Stafford nails Northcutt right in the numbers…DROPPED. CUT HIS LOUSY ASS.

The Lions bring Hanson out for the 48 yard FG. WHY? //quickly does the math, a FG makes it a 2 TD game// OK, that makes some sense. Not that it makes a whole Hell of a lot of difference with 2:37 left in the F***ING GAME! Especially after giving up 27 straight points. It’s like pissing into the wind…

Anyway, Hanson drills it thru. 27-13. Vikings.

Hanson will try the onside kick. FAIL. Vikings recover. Boo.

Tavaris Jackson is now under center for the Vikings in garbage time. Taylor is in for Peterson as well. Clock running…Nope, Lions take a fruitless time out. Game’s over, lets not make the pain last, OK?

Taylor stuffed on 3rd and short. Whatever. FOX decides to show “highlights” of Stafford’s game. Pick, pick, overthrows…URGE TO KILL AGAIN RISING. – Al Beaton from the always humorous TWFE in his live blog of the Lions losing. Again.

The Lions are playing better. They still suck. The good news is they play the Redskins and Rams…that should be two wins right there. Otherwise they are DOOMED!


The Eagles were involved in a second straight blowout game against an NFC South team, but this time they were on the wrong end of the beating. The Saints offense did pretty much whatever they wanted all day and the Eagles special teams was absolutely terrible. The offense certainly wasn’t great, but is much lower on the list of reasons this game got out of hand.

The defense, who was stifling and so active against the Panthers did a complete 180 today. Rarely got pressure, were beat short, long, in the red zone, out of the red zone… Just altogether terrible. It’s hard to even point out a guy or a unit that was more at fault than the others.

The special teams was almost equally terrible, when they weren’t turning the ball over they were committing a penalty that left the offense with terrible field position. Plus, Sav Rocca was absolutely terrible today.

On offense, the team did manage 20 points… which isn’t really good or bad. Generally, that’s a fair representation for how the offense played. Not very good or very bad. They did move the ball, they did make some plays, and they certainly showed some interesting stuff with the wildcat. – JasonB from BGN the day after the Saints put a whipping on a wounded Eagles team.

Even if McNabb had played that game would’ve been a blowout. I must confess Drew Brees is very very good. Actually I already knew that but he’s playing out of his mind in two games. If there was ever a game where Andy Reid could slide by without the “FIRE ANDY REID NOW!” chant from Eagles fans, it is this one. Whoever their special teams coach is? Yeah he’s done.

New England

There were no offensive heroics to match last week’s. The defense only looked good in comparison to last week’s effort and this week’s offensive disorganization. Without Jerod Mayo and Richard Seymour, it still seems to be a rudderless unit. It’s obvious the Patriots are lucky to be 1-1 right now, and this week, they weren’t able to get away with their mistakes.

Bill Belichick was trying to be a pill in his press conference when he kept saying, “we just didn’t do a good enough job,” but really, the execution throughout this game, particularly on offense, was so uniformly poor it’s hard to call out one particular gaffe over another as the reason for the failure (with the possible exception of Watson’s penalty in crunch time). These are just not the crisp, lockstep Patriots we’ve grown spoiled by in New England. It’s obvious they’re feeling the coaching and personnel turnover and can’t seem to get on the same page. – Beth from The Patriot Act after the Pats were upset by the New York Jets.

The Pats are in trouble. Specifically because their defense does not look good at all, never mind the 16 points. It’s the ease at which the Jets and Bills drove down the field and scored on them.

Thank you Rex Ryan for telling us all that if you blitz Brady he’s hopeless. Now the Falcons with John Abraham and the Ravens with…everybody will follow suit. You could be witnessing a 1-3 New England team in a few weeks if they don’t shape up.


“We don’t deserve to win”

“at least tony had fun out there”

“Dallas isn’t winning any championship with Romo at the helm.”

“Romo is only PART of the problem. Our D is NOT playing championship defense.”

“I feel bad for people who shelled out the money for this game. Team loses last game at Texas Stadium and 1st at the Death Star. You just knew the Giants were gonna march down the field at the end.”

“He  hasn’t developed one bit since last year. He is the same idiot that can’t control himself in key situations.”

“Fire Wade.”

“24-20 Dallas with the ball and momentum.  What does Romo do? Tosses a duck to the safety. A$$H()LE” – A bunch of random comments I plucked out from Blogging the Boys after the Cowboys lost their first reg. season game in Jerryworld to the G-Men.

Am I the only one that notices the Giants ALWAYS manage to win it late on the road? It’s like playing at home is the worst thing that could happen to them.

Romo was terrible and ruined my fantasy team. But this defense is miserable. Eli Manning and Mario Manningham could not be stopped. Why? Because Eli had weeks to throw and no one wanted to cover Manningham.

The only good thing out of this for Dallas is that they have stiffs like the Panthers, Chiefs, and Broncos (watch them suck) to face. If Romo and the defense blows it there and the season is O-V-E-R.

One more thing….it’s always good to see Cowboys fans’ reaction after a loss.

That concludes this edition of WTLAS. Tune in next week for all the fun of losing!


One thought on “What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #2

  1. JFein

    The Giants have not been a particularly impressive team and have not wowed me as a Super Bowl contender, but credit where credit is due, they know how to win football games. Sometimes it’s just enough, but they know how to do it and they do it well. While it’s always stereotypical that the Colts and the Pats are the best when the game is on the line, I’ve gotta believe that the Giants’ numbers are right up there.

    Take that as you will, but that’s more than I can say for the Eagles who when they don’t dominate, they lose. Unlike the Giants, my Eagles have no ability to comeback whatsoever. I’ll put it this way, I think Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells contacted Andy Reid on how to run a 2-minute offense with the game on the line at the end of the game.


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