Classic Brian Russell

Ladies and gentlemen, these are very depressing times in Seahawks world. Everyone is injured and thanks to Matt Hasselbeck’s moment of bravery/stupidity, the season may very well already be taking a turn for the worse.

So to cheer myself up I looked for Seattle Seahawks highlights, turned the sound down whenever pointless music was added, and enjoyed. Then all of a sudden I find the play where once-loved kicker Josh Brown tackled Devin Hester against the Bears two seasons ago. It was one of my favorite plays all season. But I discovered something I didn’t even remember. That’s why I took snapshots (the video quality sucked so sorry about that) of exactly what happened leading up to the Josh Brown takedown of doom. One of these days I’ll convert the videos into animated GIFs so you won’t see fuzzy screenshots.


Russell has the best chance to stop Hester. But of course…


A combination of over pursuing and his sheer hustle drove him to a terrible angle, which of course is finished off with….


….another shining moment in the Seahawks career of Brian Russell. He’s flying as he barely laid a finger on Hester. You can’t find any more heat-seeking missiles of grit like this in the shops. The Jaguars are in good hands with this man.

Yes, there was a time where Josh Brown did his job (except touchbacks) and didn’t want to be the highest paid kicker in the league. And yes, a kicker is a better tackler than Brian Russell.

This is unhealthy for me to keep talking about any player of Russell’s quality….but it’s become comical in a way. He’s sort of a cult figure but in a really negative form. The developments leading up to the tackle caught my attention and I spotted a posting opportunity for this one.


4 thoughts on “Classic Brian Russell

  1. Keith

    LOL, Brian Russell’s grit.

    That reminded me of San Francisco Giants player Aaron Rowand and how much he sucks but everyone says how gritty he is.

    /cries in a corner
    //wishes the Giants would cut him.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Grit will get you anything.

      I wonder why Jim Mora didn’t see how important he is when tackling the air around him.

  2. Keith

    I was thinking about it Mookie. Russell reminds me of Mark Roman. The Niners were finally smart enough to bench his ass in favor of Dashon Goldston.


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