Seahawks Wearing Green Jerseys Tomorrow

This ugly, loud, vomit-like jersey will be worn in an effort to distract the Chicago Bears tomorrow.

That is the ugliest jersey I’ve ever seen. The home blue already looks unappealing but the green one….it’s terrible.

Who designed that? Oregon? If they did then maybe it’s good luck after Cal got embarrassed at Autzen Stadium today.



2 thoughts on “Seahawks Wearing Green Jerseys Tomorrow

  1. JFein


    I can breath easier now knowing that those Team Sweden jersies worn by the Eagles are no longer the worst uniforms to ever grace the NFL field.

    On a slightly-related note: slight correction for you. My Fox game is Giants-Tampa Bay, not Seahawks-Bears. Being at college at Bloomsburg puts me out of the Philadelphia market and into the NEPA market, and unlike CBS, I do not get the Fox Philly-affiliate


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