Get Bent, NFL

If anyone doesn’t know the story….actually you probably don’t. Apparently the NFL apologized to the Seahawks because Don Carey and his crew are incompetent.

Those two plays the NFL apologized for accounted for two touchdowns, including the game-winner for Chicago. The first blown call was when Matt Forte fumbled at the Seahawks 1, Seattle recovered, but the refs overturned it because they say he was down by contact.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I don’t know if that was a fumble. However there must be conclusive evidence to overturn the call.

You can find the play on Youtube and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CONCLUSIVE VIDEO EVIDENCE!!!! At best his shin touches the ground at the same time the ball comes out. Either way the play should’ve stood.

Instead the Bears scored on a TD which of course could’ve been prevented if Cory Redding wasn’t the one trying to defend GREG OLSEN. Still, it was 13-0 and that was a HUGE momentum changing call.

I probably don’t have as big a gripe with the 2nd supposed screw-up by the refs. Chicago’s right tackle jumped on the game-winning throw from Jay Cutler to Devin Hester before the snap. Instead of backing the Bears up 5 it’s game over.

Again it could’ve been moot point if Seneca Wallace could properly lead a 2 minute drive without throwing a ball to the feet of John Carlson (or throwing a 1 yard pass to a well covered Julius Jones on 4th and 2).

You could also make a case that Chicago could’ve kicked the winning FG on said winning drive but it’s all speculation and what is done is done. In a new NFL era where you aren’t allowed to post on Twitter or else you’ll get fined, celebrate in the end zone, or even touch the QB (exaggeration), some accountability needs to be shown to the NFL’s own. Don Carey is the polar opposite of his brother, Mike. Inept and inarticulate when it comes to explaining penalties. He and Jerome Boger should be as far away from the football field as possible.

Instead of fining the players it’s time to start fining the refs and giving them real punishments for their miserable lack of judgment. Enough is enough. It’s happening way too often and it will only get worse.

A fricking apology is a bunch of crap. Refs should be held for actions that completely affect the game’s outcome just as much as players who do team celebrations after scoring a touchdown.


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