NFL Week 4 Predictions

Pac-10 referees suck and Notre Dame is lucky. Washington’s playcalling inside the 1 sucks and Cal has to bench Kevin Riley.

How about that for college football thoughts?

Last week was another 10-6 special and now I’m 32-16 on the year. How will this week turn out with such great matchups?

Bucs over Redskins (Sure why not?)
Colts demolish Seahawks
Ravens over Patriots
Bengals over Browns
Bears over Lions

Giants over Chiefs

Texans over Raiders

Titans over Jaguars
Bills over Dolphins
Saints over Jets in a classic
Cowboys over Broncos (if not then I will be sad)
49ers shutout Rams
Steelers over Chargers

Vikings over Packers in a fierce battle but does not live up to the hype

Be sure to head over to our super live-blog, which can be found by clicking the link you see in the sidebar (click Fire Andy Reid Now!).



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