Of Course

You knew the Broncos would go to 4-0 right?

You knew that Romo would blow it in the clutch again right?

You knew that the Seahawks would be once again on the short end of the fate stick, right?

I do not believe in curses for the most part. But this is a curse. It’s a permanent curse on the city of Seattle. There is no luck or good fate for Seattle sports at all. Move every franchise to Oklahoma City and let it be done with.

Gosh I am sick of this nonsense. Tony Romo you are off my fantasy team forever. I relied on you to beat Denver and you screwed up AGAIN.

No I am not going to give a bunch of credit to Denver. They should be 2-2 right now and not 4-0. Instead they’ve been gifted 4 wins thanks to luck and incompetence.

Please just fast forward to next season.

At least I know Seattle is getting a top 10 pick.


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