Congratulations to Rio!

I am WAY too late writing this one up but I cannot just ignore it. For the first time ever there will be an Olympics in South America. This past Friday, the IOC awarded the 2016 Summer Games to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Madrid, Tokyo, and of course Chicago were eliminated during the final voting process.

It is always good to see countries outside of North America and Europe take a crack at hosting the Games. Personally I believe an Olympics has been long overdue in South America and outside of Buenos Aires I would consider Rio the best choice in the continent.

As soon as Tokyo was eliminated, leaving only Madrid and Rio as the finalists for 2016, you knew the writing was on the wall. It would be unfair for Europe to have the Summer and Winter Olympics from 2012-2016.

I just went 139 words without mentioning Chicago going out in round 1. This early exit is not as surprising as the media is making it out to be. There was little promotion and selling of Chicago as an Olympic city to the American public in the months leading up to the final decision. No national rally in support of Chicago. The other candidates had pretty much their respective countries behind them from day one.

Which leads me to CNN’s Tony Harris losing his mind on TV when the announcement was made.

You can understand the emotional perspective but it’s disrespectful to the other cities and classless newscasting. Take the loss, suck it up, and congratulate the winners.

I for one am looking forward to the Rio Games. Brazil has some glorious facilities and they have 7 years to prepare for the world. I’m confident they’ll do just fine.

The post would end here but I have to write this. If  I see even ONE comment saying something like President Obama failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago, the IOC is Anti-American, Brazil is a 3rd world country and should not host the Olympics, so on and so forth, then your post will be removed and you will be banned from commenting here forever. No exceptions. Watch what you say.


3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Rio!

  1. JFein

    Once again, congrats to Rio!

    @ Mookie: You’re absolutely right when it comes to the selling of Chicago (or lack thereof) outside of Chicago. Heck, I’m probably happier that Rio got it then I would have been if Chicago got it. No one on that continent as ever hosted the olympics and frankly, but other than a debt the size of Mt. Everest, what does a city like Chicago really have to gain? It is and always will be that “3rd city” of America, behind NY and LA.

  2. kt1000

    why so surprised Tony Harris’reaction? All the CNN talking heads are morons. I hope you saw the recent Celebrity Jeopardy where lead CNN head Wolf Blitzer ended up with a cool $-4600. These guys and gals aren’t paid to think, they’re paid to read the prompter and appear smart. Oh and I love Rio and I agree they’ll do a great job with the Olympics.


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