What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #4

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Tuesday/Wednesday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction (usually 5-6 teams are picked) but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. WTLAS takes a trip to Cleveland, Tennessee, Buffalo, Dallas, and St. Louis this week.


Like I and 6 or 7 others who responded to my post at the end of last weeks game, will not get excited when the Browns score. It’s just a mirage. The Browns are done and can not compete in professional football. I don’t understand how Golic and Langhorn can get excited about several good plays for the Browns. They still lost the game. Isn’t that the bottom line?

Don’t you have to win to succeed in the NFL? I hear, “well they’re looking better”. So what? They still lost! They will continue to lose too. The only way the organization will understand how disappointed the Browns fans really are is to stop going to the games and stop buying memorabilia. Dan Taylor from Brownsgab after a heartbreaking 23-20 loss to the Bengals in the Battle of Ohio

Two touchdowns in a game from the offense! PROGRESS!!! Looks like I’ll be picking up Jerome Harrison in my fantasy league and that’s about it. Cleveland played well, but they still lost and are a shockingly bad team. They are totally in “blow it up and rebuild” mode in my mind. Looks like they’ve already started by trading Braylon Edwards to the Jets for draft picks, a special teams LB, and Chansi Stuckey.


The Jags had just scored a touchdown to go up 17-3 with 7:35 remaining in the 2nd quarter.  At down 14 with 37 minutes left to play is no time to panic.  There is still plenty of time left in the game to grind it out.  Keep in mind that to this point the Titans had only one drive that lasted more than 3 plays.  The defense, which is bad and decimated by injuries, had been on the field most of the game.  It is on the offense to put together a drive that lets them catch their breath.

The drive gets off to a good start with Chris Johnson gaining 9 yards on first down.  Now if they would have called me at that point and asked me what to run, I would have told them to bring LenDale White in the game and either just hand the ball to him or run play action with him and take a shot down the field.

What do the Titans do?  Hand the ball to CJ for no gain.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love CJ, and I know that he has the ability to break any given play, but short yardage is not his specialty.

So now it is 3rd and 1.  So the Titans brought LenDale in and handed him the ball, right?  Nope.

Well they at least had LenDale in the game and did a play fake to him, right?  Wrong again.

With CJ still lined up at tailback, they do a play fake to him and roll Kerry CollinsBo Scaife was supposed to sneak out into the flat, but he fell down.  Incomplete pass.  PUNT TEAM! out.  Way to play to his strengths.  – Jimmy from Music City Miracles dissecting the Titans’ problems in one drive.

Anyone here have the Titans at 0-4? Their defense is terrible and Kerry Collins yet again cannot string two good seasons together. They’ve become pass heavy for no reason and special teams has been a nightmare.

At what point does Tennessee consider dumping Jeff Fisher?


If you spent your Sunday afternoon/early evening watching Buffalo Bills football and feel upset that three hours of your short amount of time on this Earth have been completely wasted, join the club.

Buffalo dropped a miserable, embarrassing 38-10 decision to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, their eighth consecutive loss to an AFC East foe.  Trent Edwards threw three interceptions – one of which was returned for a score by rookie corner Vontae Davis for the first touchdown of the day – and Buffalo’s offensive line reached new levels of ineptitude, surrendering six sacks to a Miami defense playing without Joey Porter.

In short, if you missed this game, consider yourself fortunate.  The Bills fall to 1-3 on the season, and even the fact that the 0-4 Cleveland Browns are their Week 5 opponent does little to distill the terrible taste in the collective mouths of Bills fans this evening. – Brian Galliford from the exceptional Buffalo Rumblings.

Why is Dick Jauron still employed?


Here’s the compromise Romo needs to make with his line, on the plays when they do give him adequate time, he can’t hold the ball. Get out of the pocket, tuck it and run if necessary, like last week. I don’t know what’s happened but Romo used to have an uncanny sense for traffic in the pocket. It was an almost unnatural ability to sense danger. We didn’t see that on Sunday. On one sack that seemed to be happening in slow motion – the Dumervil beating Cricket sack – Romo appeared totally oblivious to the fact that not only was Elvis in the building, but was right up in his grill. If the coverage is that good, beat them with your feet until they loosen up.

I also think that Jason Garrett needs to reconsider his goal line package. Last week we had the absurd ‘two fade route’ debacle. Now, this week was a little tougher, given the time constraints, but the last two plays were questionable. Dallas spiked the ball with nines seconds left, leaving two shots at the endzone. It also gives you time to substitute players. But the Cowboys went with three WR’s and kept Jason Witten into block on both plays! Jason Witten, as good a receiver as we have on the team and we didn’t utilize him in the most clutch of moments. And what about Martellus Bennett? The guy has size, always a jump ball target. We basically ran the exact same play twice in a row, only with Crayton in the slot going inside on the second play instead of outside.

Here’s the real tragedy – Miles Austin was coming wide open on the first of those two plays when Romo chose to go to Sam Hurd. On the second play, Austin also looked more open than Hurd. I don’t know why Romo locked onto Hurd, against Champ Bailey twice, instead of looking two the other side where he had two WR’s in the pattern. And why not roll Romo out for the run/pass option. Romo’s a good athlete, roll him to a side after a run-fake and see what opens up. If nothing’s there, zip it out of the endzone and go on to the final play. We could all come up with plays that might have been used, but the call of the same basic play twice, without Witten in the pattern, made no sense to me. – Dave Halprin from Blogging the Boys.

Thanks to the Cowboys I can firmly believe in the Broncos to kill off the Seahawks’ second top 10 draft pick by possibly making the playoffs with Kyle Orton at QB. Dallas is a joke with Garrett as offensive coordinator and Romo is overrated. He’s so overrated I dropped him from my fantasy team in favor of claiming Matt Schaub off waivers. It’s that bad. He has regressed in 4 games and is doing his choking earlier in the season than usual.

Go fire Wade Phillips now, Jerry.

I hate the Broncos now. Stupid fate.

St. Louis

Can you honestly look at this St. Louis Rams team and say they’re getting better?

I don’t think you can anymore.

It was the same old story right out of the gate for the Rams, except this one started with a penalty that killed a sweet kick return from Danny Amendola, now lost for untold weeks. Then again, would that return have been possible without the hold?

After that, they came out running Steven Jackson, but then a poor pass that Keenan Burton really should have had followed by an incomplete to Randy McMichael, who clearly reminds us all that his early career success was more of an illusion created by fantasy football than anything else. Three-and-out. If the Rams could change their name – maybe when they go to London – they could be the St. Louis, er, London Three-and-outs. Crickey, guvner! VanRam on Turf Show Times concluding that the Rams suck.

It does not get any uglier than what the Rams have pulled out. In 4 games they have amassed 24 points and have been shutout twice by the 49ers and Seahawks respectively. Minnesota could shut them out too. No doubt this is the worst team in the NFL now.  There is just no hope for a side this bad at everything that you’re supposed to do in football, correctly.

This lot has a serious chance to go 0-16 and perhaps perform worse than the Lions. Speaking of which they do play them this season. That should be fun.

Let there always be losers. See you for edition #5 next week, which hopefully will include more Redskins failure.

P.S: If you notice I did not include the Packers in this edition. It’s that bad. I refuse to feed the Fa**e hype even if it means not putting the losing team in here.


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