VIDEO OF THE DAY: EA Sports Does Something Right!

I love to dump on EA Sports because their video games have gotten increasingly worse with each year. The latest Madden NFL game I played was the 2006 version and it was garbage.

NBA Live consistently blows.

NCAA Football series has to be aborted.

BUT WAIT!!! On a day where I am in desperate need of something lazy to write on a Friday where I feel like going to bed, EA Sports does something totally awesome!!! They are using the NCAA Basketball presentation from CBS with Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery on the call! Real graphics, two of the best (and loudest) basketball announcers around, and no player names!

That’s just sick. Supposedly when you have regular season games scheduled for the virtual Monday-Friday, it will be handled by ESPN with Brad Nessler and Dick Vitale on the call, while the big weekend matches (and of course March Madness) are on CBS. Almost like in real life!

Now that EA has gotten the presentation down for the first time in ages, they just need to make sure that the gameplay is decent and that the simulations are real. That means no more Southern Miss vs. Pepperdine in the 2011 NCAA Title Game, okay?

Watching that preview gives me chills. People will probably buy the game just for the TV broadcast presentation it delivers.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO OF THE DAY: EA Sports Does Something Right!

  1. JFein

    That just looks so sickly awesome! I’ve always been a sucker for great presentation like that.

    I’ve never bought a basketball video game in my life, but this one looks like it’s worth it, even if I try my heart out as Villanova and still end up getting creamed by North Dakota State!

  2. kt1000

    Its still EA Sports. Their basketball games have a better presentation year after year and yet still the game turns out to be very arcadey & unrealistic. Frankly, I don’t think this year is going to be very different.


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