What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #5

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Tuesday/Wednesday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction (usually 5-6 teams are picked) but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. WTLAS takes a trip to Jacksonville, Buffalo, Washington, Oakland, and San Francisco  this week. There’s also a new feature within this feature so join me after the jump.


Jbams01 ranting away at the incompetent franchise that is the Buffalo Bills.

Bam!  There’s your new feature. I’m going to start posting videos on WTLAS so that reading the text doesn’t bore the living crap out of you. Speaking of that did anyone reading this have to suffer through the Browns/Bills explosion of points?  That is the lowest of the low. I picked the Bills but I had a feeling Cleveland would somehow win. Derek Anderson put up some of the worst numbers ever and the Bills still couldn’t win. Of course you can’t win when you have 13 accepted penalties, 3 turnovers, and 2 sacks allowed. This is a garbage team. Total meltdown after losing the Patriots game and I’m fully convinced of it. Jauron is toast and they should start looking at…just about every position to fill up the draft. I had no idea the Bills had zero rushing TDs. Fred Jackson is a very good RB and Marshawn Lynch is good when not carrying a gun or getting injured. ZERO?! Wow.

And why did Jamal Lewis suddenly become good after I cut him from my fantasy team? Because the Bills can’t stop the run.


How bad are the Oakland Raiders?

Here in Los Angeles, mid-way through the third quarter, CBS took the Raider game off the air in favor of the Detroit Lions.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Oakland Raiders do not deserve to play in the NFL.

Sad efforts like the pathetic 44-7 loss to the New York Giants today barely merit membership in the UFL.

Ahmad Bradshaw had more total yards by himself than the Raiders, out gaining the Silver and Black 165 to 124. The most crushing of his large gains was a 55-yard reception when Bradshaw converted a 3rd and 24 on a screen pass thanks in part to outside linebacker Ricky Brown going down injured.

How can we add insult to injury?

That is now four consecutive games in which Tom Cable’s play calling has produced less than 200 yards of total offense. Nothing is working. The running game is non-existent. The passing game is laughable. The play calling is unimaginative. The opponents can see what’s coming from a mile away.Chris Shellcroft from Just Blog Baby after the Raiders capitulated in East Rutherford.

You’re going to notice a theme in this week’s edition of WTLAS. Some times you have to play offense to win games. The Oakland Raiders will not get 4,000 yards of offense this season. Bank that. For as long as JaMarcus Russell is starting QB they will routinely struggle to get 150 yards of offense. He is not a smart QB and he cannot grasp basic fundamentals. I’m going as far to say he’s on a path where he could be worse than Ryan Leaf. You can’t just be 6’6 and 275 lbs (a QB, think about that) and run over people. He might as well learn a new position and let the Raiders draft….oh crap Al Davis is still alive? What’s Jake Locker’s 40 time? Uh oh…..

It’s not like Charlie Frye will do much better, but JaMarcus is terrible at the game. Anyone want to tell me the last QB to be decent in the pros from LSU since the days of Y.A Tittle?


My wife always gives me a hard time when she walks into the room and I am watching reruns of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Entourage, or Two and a Half Men. “How can you watch the same show over and over again?” she asks me. I know every word, every expression, and every gag cold. And I still laugh, I still cringe, and I still thoroughly enjoy every second of each episode no matter how many times I watch them.

I have another show to add to my syndicated must-watch list: live Redskins games. They call them “live”, but you and I know they are really reruns. The same lovable characters involved in the same wacky hi-jinx. My friends ask me, “How can you watch that same show every single week over and over again?” I know every inevitable gaffe, every nad-biting penalty, and every gut-wrenching 4th quarter blown lead. And yet I still tune in on the road games, and I still show up to FedEx for home games to watch these reruns.

I would be lying if I said that I was heart-broken after yesterday’s game. I would be lying if I said I became depressed as the last whistle blew on yet another frustrating loss. We would be lying to ourselves if we acted shocked after the game. That doesn’t make it any easier to stomach, but it underlines the place we find ourselves as fans. Hogs Haven’s Sugar laments after the Redskins choked away their game against the Panthers and once again didn’t reach 20 points.

How does this team manage to reach 10 points? Out of 5 games they’ve scored 73 points against nothing but winless (at the time) opposition. Only 17 against the Giants with 1 TD coming off a fake field goal. A whopping 9 against the woeful Rams. A blast of 14 against the Lions and 16 against the Bucs. Now 17 again against the Panthers. The Lions, Chiefs, and Bills have all scored more points than the Redskins.

How are they 6.5 point favorites against the Chiefs?

They aren’t even into the hard part of the schedule and they’re 2-3. Might as well look at a 4-12 season.



I have been a Nelson apologist since he was drafted… I OFFICIALLY GIVE UP ON HIM

Well, that’s game over folks. If we don’t score this next drive I’m turning off the TV and going outside.

###### kind of hit was that Mathis? He just patted him on the back…


no energy…. no heart… no tackling…. no points…. no win…. hello top 15 pick in next years draft… hello LA

While we’re rebuilding, maybe we can get Rashean some testosterone shots, because he is seriously lacking in something. What a sissy.

Fantastic angry quotes from the Jaguars forum’s 1st half game thread. Nate Burleson’s TD gave the Seahawks a 20-0 lead.


Justin Forsett ran over Brian Russell.

Everything about that game was near perfect. The pass rushing was excellent, the passing was brilliant, Edgerrin James finally gained more than 3 yards on a running play, and even messed up trick plays turned into 21 yard gains.

I don’t care if Seattle lose the rest of the season. This will always be a keeper for me. It was a great day and a great win.

Meanwhile Jack Del Rio is getting one foot out the door. What is the matter with this team? Derrick Harvey and Reggie Nelson are BUSTS. The Jags aren’t going anywhere except out of Jacksonville.

San Francisco

The 49ers entered this game with a chance to propel themselves into the national discussion as a playoff contender.  Even with the offensive struggles, the defense was looking to be one of the best in the league.  This was an aggressive defense that continually played with fire and made plays all over the field….

And then the game started.

There is something to be said for having confidence on a weekly basis.  Part of the formula being successful is thinking you can be successful all the time.  I have no problem with a confident team.  I DO have a problem with a cocky team.  Let me clarify that.  I have a problem with a cocky team that has no business being cocky.  The 1989 49ers that rolled through just about everything in their path?  They deserved to be cocky.  They were a great team.  The 1994 49ers?  Well, aside from that debacle against the Eagles, they had every reason to be cocky.

Your 2009 49ers?  They have NO business being cocky.  They entered today’s game 3-1 with their wins coming against a less than stellar NFC West.  Yes they had their chances to beat Minnesota, but they didn’t.  And yet, there definitely appeared to be a false sense of confidence on this team.  Today’s result just goes to show a 35-0 domination of the Rams really doesn’t mean a whole lot of much this season.  Dre Bly may have been the most high profile show boater (that still blows my mind), but really most of the team did not bring their A-game (nor their B, C or D game).Fooch from Niners Nation after the Falcons went into San Fran and blasted them.

I conclude that unless the Niners play fantastic defense like they did against the Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, and to some extent the Vikings in a losing effort, they are no better than the Redskins. Singletary is a great coach but not even he can make that offense any good. Losing Frank Gore hurts but Shaun Hill is a game manager, not anyone that can lead them deep into the playoffs let alone a division title.

Despite this debacle I still like them to win the NFC West but that’s a really disturbing loss to a very good Falcons team.

That’s it for WTLAS. Hopefully the Cardinals will be a part of this show next week. Come on Seahawks!


7 thoughts on “What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #5

  1. James Craven

    Actually, the Jags as a whole have one foot out the door toward Los Angeles IIRC… No home games being telecast this year could do that in a tough economy.

  2. JFein

    @ JC: The problem with a team hightailing ASAP to LA like the Jags is that they have no stadium there. The NFL in all likelihood is not going to use the Coliseum and the Rose Bowl, so a new stadium has to be thought of, planned, and built before an NFL team starts playing there again and that can take upwards of a few to several years, depending on how smoothly everything goes.

    1. JFein

      Lol…..I was being about as optimistic as I can be.

      Bottom line, we’re talking years before any team re-locates to LA, regardless of how bad some of the markets are (*cough*cough*Jacksonville*cough*cough*). I’m thinking if they get one by 2015, they’ll be lucky and all would have gone well. If the plan for the Jags is to hightail it ASAP in a couple years, it will be a city other than LA.

      /I don’t know why I’m using the word “hightail” it so much.
      //The spirit of Jim Ross must be taking over my body.

    2. Mookie Post author

      And on that note the 2000th comment in this site’s history is made by kt1000, who is talking crap about the state I spent my early childhood in. ;-)

      Seriously, thanks for all your input guys. Kt you win guest posts for life on here whenever you want to write something.

      1. kt1000

        Wow! I guess this is the part where I thank the academy…but thanks Mookie for running a great blog, JFein for a great set-up line, and a special thank you to everyone else who comments over here! Onto 3,000 comments and beyond!


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