Jermain Taylor Gets KTFO. Again.

If any boxing fans are out there that are following the Super Six World Boxing Classic Super Middleweight Tournament then you probably ignored the idea of watching Arthur Abraham vs. Jermain Taylor on Showtime tape delay, and opted (like me) to watch on a decent online stream.

If you have boxing knowledge you know Arthur Abraham is a hard puncher and Jermain Taylor has no endurance or punching power to ever finish a fight (see Carl Froch and Kelly Pavlik I).

Just over 30 minutes ago Jermain Taylor was on his way to a loss to Abraham in Berlin, Germany. He started off well from round 1-4 and once again faded in the end. He was deducted one point for excessive low blows in round 6 (I think). Abraham took over from there, hitting Taylor with just about everything, and then delivered a straight right hand with seconds remaining in the final round to stiffen Taylor.

The Armenian-born Abraham, not known for his straight punching, became the 3rd guy to KTFO the former middleweight champion Taylor.

Jermain was on his back, stiffened, right arm stuck in the air and out cold for at least two minutes. It’s his 4th loss in 5 fights and you have to wonder based on his effort from the last few rounds alone if he should even continue in this tournament.

Taylor has proven time and time again in the span of over a year that he will never be a contender again. He is DONE. As of today, he’s officially a doormat for any good fighter from middleweight to super-middleweight with moderate-to-great punching power.

Go make a plea to all of the Athletic Commissions in the world and bar him from fighting for his own good. He’s going to get serious brain damage with the punishment he takes.

For Abraham….nice way to get the bonus KO point to go with your two points for winning. That shot gives me chills.

Later tonight there will be updates of Carl Froch (who knocked Taylor out in the final round earlier this year) vs. Andre Dirrell.


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