Kelly Jennings just assured himself that he’s never going to play a role in helping the Seahawks win. Ever. He cannot cover anything. I know it’s Arizona, but he gets beat on every post, slant, curl, and sideline route imaginable.

No more Bruce DeHaven, who is the worst special teams coach in football. Jon Ryan outkicks his coverage over and over again and we can’t stop big returns nor can we break a big return. Ryan might as well play QB full-time.

The entire offensive line was an embarrassment. Steve Vallos shouldn’t be allowed to get on the field. He’s watching and admiring the docile Cardinals “pass-rushers” freely get around him and crush Hasselbeck.


After such a high last week this was rock bottom. I am still looking at the Jags game as an emotional high and something to look forward to.

Otherwise it’s time to blow up the offensive side of the ball. Draft a QB and have Hasselbeck take him under his wing. Draft CJ Spiller so I don’t have to see Edgerrin James get 2 yard gains every time.

Draft Eric Berry with your inevitable top 10 pick.

Absolutely bullcrap effort. At least Aaron Curry gives me hope.

And at least we aren’t the Eagles (today) or the Redskins.


One thought on “Disastrous

  1. kt1000

    I’d take Kelly Jennings over Frank Walker any day of the week, but especially Sundays. Frank Walker can’t cover either, but he’s always good for a stupid PI just to make sure EVERYONE knows he got burnt like toast.


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