What the Losers Said: Dallas Cowboys

I spent so much time writing this that I have no brain power to bother with the regular WTLAS. It will be back next week. First published over at Field Gulls.

The Seahawks lost. Actually they got pummeled. A fake punt by Captain Touchback got them in FG range for their only points of the game. If not for that I’m pretty sure that would’ve been the first time that the Seahawks had ever been shutout at Qwest Field. So as a result there will be no What the Losers Are Saying scoping the best in Arizona Cardinals misery. Instead I’m busting out a bye week special to lift the spirits of Field Gulls with my first ever Vintage WTLAS (AKA What the Losers Said).

Dallas is our next opponent and I figured they would be the best candidates to give this a test run. I contemplated picking the Romo fumble game, and also considered our miraculous 13-10 come-from-behind victory nearly a year to this day in 2005 as another candidate. For those who don’t remember the latter game, Dallas had taken a 10-3 lead with 2:06 left in the game when Matt Hasselbeck, behind a competent offensive line, drove the ‘Hawks down the field and got the tying TD pass to tight-end Ryan Hannam with under a minute to go. Drew Bledsoe then did what he does very well, and threw an interception to Big Play Babs, who did not get tackled until they were in FG range. Josh Brown kicked the winning 50 yard field goal to give Seattle an improbable victory and a 5-2 record heading into the bye-week.

In the end I’m combining the two to make it twice as fun.

We take a look back at the Cowboys’ reaction those final few minutes of the contest as well as Post-game thoughts.

Seahawks 13 Cowboys 10

In-Game: Jose Cortez Misses 28 Yard FG to Start 4th Quarter

“Picking on kickers is something that the Paul Maguires of the world do, but man, Cortez just lost his job. Period. Those three points were huge.”

“ho the hell do you miss a 28 yarder man? I can make that with my eyes closed and a building in front of me…….damn you superman…”



“i don’t know why the O seemed to play for 3 when cortez is this bad”

Blogging the Boys erupted in fury.

So after doing some research to jog my memory I found out they got such a short field because Jimmy Williams muffed a punt inside the 10. We can rag on Forsett’s inability to make a fair-catch properly or Nate Burleson making some weird choices on punt returns, but Jimmy Williams was a terrible punt returner. And for that matter, so was Peter Warrick.

In-Game: Ryan Hannam Scores Tying Touchdown

“Anyone need me to dial 911?”

“Forget a cardiologist, get me a beer.”


“you cant keep putting D in this position. This falls on offense falls on [sean] payton falls on BP”

“how about some pressure?”

“fu…… this”

“no beer sales on sunday here in the bible belt”

Blogging the Boys game thread yet again went crazy.

Oh sure they were mad now, but then….

In-Game: Josh Brown Wins It!

cowboys need to hire that guy to kick

i would rather have flozell with a blown out knee kicking our fg’s..

Cortez, pack your bags…Payton, go to hell

Best 57 minute D in the NFL

fg…seahawks win…i be damned

kill the spic cockroach (EDIT: The user, named kodiak, had more offensive comments like this and was banned that day)

We can’t score in the red zone the past 2 weeks! lets try a pass every now and then down there and maybe keep the D guessing alittle!

Should not have been forcing the ball downfield with the pass with :19 or :14 secs left. Should have conceded OT and kept it on the ground or take a knee.

BTB went into full meltdown mode.

Remember there was a time where we used to win close games like that? I miss those days.

Post-Game Anger: Giveaway

“What a horrible thing to do. Why would the boys decide they didn’t want to win that game?

It doesn’t make sense. You can only slow the game down and run the clock when you are ahead by 2-3 TDs, not points. Its the new philosophy, “you play close games and you win some and you loose some.”

We have 8-8 coaches leading 12-4 players.

The playcalling owes me a 7-0 start to the season.”

COWBOY from CowboyBlog the day after the loss.

Funny how everything turned out here, eh? Bill Parcells helped turn a Dolphins team around in one season and Sean Payton is coaching the best team in the NFL with one of the most exciting offenses in the league.

Outside of the Giants OT thriller this was my favorite moment of the regular season. The game so close despite playing poorly, a game the 2004 Seahawks would’ve lost, and they showed the heart and determination to win it. I just had a feeling that day they could make the Super Bowl. It just seemed to be the ‘Hawks’ year. Dallas on the other hand completely crumbled after beating the easy stiffs like the Cardinals and Lions. They were 7-3 and finished 9-7.

Seahawks 21 Cowboys 20 (AKA the Romo Game)


via www.bartcop.com

In-Game: Terry Glenn Fumbles in End Zone for Safety; Seahawks Score Go-Ahead TD

Fumble for Safety:

I’ve got 25 million reasons why that play shouldn’t be run to Glenn…..

that was the most f’d up, bizzare thing i ever saw.

he should’ve thrown it to TO. At least he would of dropped in for an incomplete

the Offense is just breaking my heart.

Jerramy Stevens‘ Eventual Game-Winning Touchdown:

Nice miss Roy. What could we do with out you—WIN!!!!!

Roy Freaking Williams. Pro Bowler.

williams SUCKS

at least it’ll be a happy day when we cut that piece of overrated trash

what a way to quite possible [sic] lose a playoff game. I am completely sick now.

Seattle has been begging and pleading for us to win this game. They’ve offered it to us on a silver platter. Now, they’re tired of holding it out there and decided they want to win since we refused to take it. Show some balls offense.

Blogging the Boys again. One year later heartbreak is there. Almost. That bolded quote was gold.

That last quote from Parl of BTB was true. Seattle had chances to win this game much much earlier but instead chose to kick FGs and turn the ball over on downs. But with a secondary playing Pete Hunter and having Rich Gardner as depth the defense did their job as far as keeping the ‘Hawks in the game. Now the moments you have been waiting for….


choke job!!!!!

I am sick



Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Cut them all.

hopefully this will be the last time I see peanuthead (guessing it’s Romo) in a Cowboy uniform…

i love romo but this fumbling shit has to stop

romo f*cked up big time

Adios Parcells and take Romo with you!

Blogging the Boys’ game thread goes to pieces for a 2nd year in a row. It’s a good read because they argue over Romo getting 100% of the blame for the loss.

I don’t need to add anything here.

Post-Game: Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

The Dallas Cowboys gave away a playoff game. They had multiple opportunities to win this game, with the biggest coming on a FG in the last minute from point blank range. But Tony Romo fumbled the snap, was caught from behind before getting the first down or a TD, and the Dallas season was officially dead. But Dallas wasn’t content to lose it once, they lost it multiple times. They had a 3rd and 1 at the Seattle 10 in the fourth quarter, and instead of calling a simple QB sneak, they tried to hand it off, and they failed. Instead of a first down inside the 10, and the chance for a huge TD, they had to kick a FG. The defense then did its job and stopped the Seahawks at the 2-yard line on an amazing goal line stand. But in a bizarre play where Terry Glenn fumbled, the ball bounced out of the endzone for a safety.

Three huge plays in the 4th quarter, and Dallas failed on all three. Now they have a long offseason to take a look at what is wrong with this team. Why can’t they handle the pressure? Why did they collapse down the stretch run of the season, and why did they collapse in the 4th quarter of the playoff game?

Heart-broken and angry, that’s the only way to describe it. The offseason has officially begun and I wasn’t prepared for it all. Early in that 4th quarter, I really believed we would win this game. But it wasn’t to be, and now we have nothing but questions and anguish. This one was a bitter pill; it might take a while to get over it.

One last time from BTB, Dave Halprin did a quick write-up of the events.

Dallas would not be satisfied with losing like this however. They came up with new and creative ways to piss away an entire season in the span of 11 months this last calendar year. A home playoff loss to the eventual champion New York Giants in January, and then a 44-6 destruction in Philadelphia in December to knock them out of the playoff chase on the final day of the regular season.

Post-Game: Devastation

Everyone will always remember Tony Romo mis-handling a snap on a game-winning FG attempt, but their were many other factors that led to this awful loss that ended the Cowboys season. The play that also sticks out in my mind is when Terry Glenn fumbled deep in Cowboys territory and the ball went out of the endzone for a safety to cut the Cowboys lead to 20-15 in the 4th quarter. Then the defense, that had played well most of the game, lost track of TE Jerramy Stevens who got loose for a 37 yard TD in the 4th quarter to give the Seahawks a 21-20 lead.  That set up Tony Romo to lead the offense right down the field at the end of the game to give Martin Gramatica a chance to win the game….but he couldn’t handle the snap.

Ravenhater of CowboysLocker.

Okay I’m burnt out so I think we can stop there. Frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing JerryWorld witness a crippled Seahawks team surprise Tony Romo while Sean Locklear contains DeMarcus Ware on the left side. But realistically that’s not happening. Luckily they play this weekend so maybe if we’re lucky they’ll get key injuries that will keep them out of our next game.

With a depressing loss like last week’s I think reading angry and equally depressed Cowboys fans rant away because their team lost to the Seahawks gives me good memories. It’s payback for that Monday night debacle in 2004 in a way.

Until next time….



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