NFL Week 7 Picks

TFC lost. Manchester United lost. The Huskies football team lost. Machida lost even though the judges said he won. Not a really good weekend sports-wise to be honest and even though I like Machida a lot, he did not win last night. Please re-match with Shogun and stop fighting cautiously.

A miserable 7-7 last week and 57-33 on the season. The Seahawks are off so I’ll just be rooting against every NFC West team today. Here goes nothing…

Patriots over Buccaneers in London (this London thing is overkill)

Colts over Rams

49ers over Texans (sure why not?)

Steelers over Vikings

Chargers barely beat Chiefs

Packers annihilate Browns

Jets over Raiders

Panthers over Bills

Falcons over Cowboys

Dolphins over Saints (UPSET!)

Bengals over Bears

Giants over Cardinals

Eagles 3 Redskins 2

Enjoy week 7 everybody. If you go to the homepage you’ll notice that we aren’t doing any live-blogs this weekend. I’ll be over at Field Gulls and 12 Step Drop.


Sound off.....

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