What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #6

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Tuesday/Wednesday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction (usually 5-6 teams are picked) but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. WTLAS takes a trip to Washington (as usual), Carolina, Cleveland, Miami, and Chicago   this week. Join me after the jump.


I’ve changed the television I watch the games on, the remote I change the channel with, the clothes I wear during the games, absolutely everything. I’ve tried it all as a Cleveland Browns fan and I’m finally starting to see that my superstitions have no say in how effective the team is on the field. Peer into the bottom third of practically any major stat category and you’ll notice a trend, the Cleveland Browns.

You’ll find them toward the bottom of rush defense, pass offense, and scoring (offense and defense). The numbers don’t lie. This is something neither we as fans nor they as an organization are proud of. The problem is, I’m making more changes as a fan in hope to win a game than they are as an organization. We don’t have enough fingers to point in blame of our failure, but it’s got to start somewhere.

One change the Browns have made is putting Derek Anderson at quarterback and actually sticking to him. The result thus far, 40.6. Let me spell that out, fourty-point-six. That quarterback rating ranks 35th in the NFL this year. I’m finding a problem with this because there are only 32 teams in the NFL meaning three backup quarterbacks have performed better than “DA” himself. So, why not make it four?

The question all year has been, “Quinn or Anderson?” If it hasn’t become obvious, neither of them is capable of getting the job done. None of our options are going to save our season, but why not let [Brett] Ratliff get some snaps and see what he does? If I was a betting man, I’d bet he could at LEAST put up a 40.7 quarterback rating. Dusty Prall from Browns Gab demanding Brady Quinn re-gain his starting job.


Are the Browns even trying? It’s like they think scoring touchdowns will give them swine flu. No offense, lousy defense, lousy coach. Did they really think Eric Mangini would change things? Actually he has. He made it worse. Derek Anderson is bad and Brady Quinn is slightly above bad. Who would you start? I hope Mangini isn’t riding off DA’s 2007 season because that is pretty much akin to their 2003 playoff run with journeyman QB Kelly Holcomb.




Beardownsports526 eats some crow after the Bears embarrassed themselves against the Bengals.


This is why I said the Bears wouldn’t make the playoffs. Defense is garbage, particularly in the secondary, and especially after Ron Turner left as defensive coordinator. The offense isn’t going anywhere without guys interested in blocking and THEY HAVE NO DEPTH AT WIDE RECEIVER!!! Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett, and Greg Olsen isn’t exactly an ideal receiving corp. Of course they can’t catch the ball when Jay Cutler is either on his backside or throwing to the other team (something he’s done 10 times).

I see 7-9 and Lovie Smith GONE.



The Buffalo Bills came into Charlotte and left with a gift-wrapped victory courtesy of  Panthers QB Jake Delhomme. I still can’t come up with much to say about this game that doesn’t lead back to Delhomme. All three of his INT’s were the result of poor passes, in all cases the passes were overthrown, his signature error. If Delhomme is more careful with the ball the Bills put 6 points on the board today. Still enough for this impotent offense but that is not all Jake’s fault. He is joined by OC Jeff Davidson who called a terrible game for the offense. Sure they did put up plenty of yards but I’m referring to some of the poor calls in key situations. The 4th down run up the middle that got stuffed comes to mind. – Cat Scratch Reader’s Jaxon is not too happy with Jake Delhomme giving the Bills a win they hardly deserved.


Why am I not surprised? Delhomme is done like dinner so the Panthers should explore getting a QB with their first round pick…oh wait they don’t HAVE one. They traded their first round pick in 2010 for Everette Brown. Time to see what Matt Moore can do because AJ Feeley is useless.

And is this really how the Bills are going to be? No way should they be 3-4 because  Mark Sanchez and Jake Delhomme handed them a whopping 8 INTs combined in 2 weeks.



There are a number of places you can lay some blame for this loss.  But the defense certainly has to get a lot of blame.  They played so well in the first half only to allow 23 points and 317 yards on just 38 plays.  Worse yet, the Dolphins surrendered 285 yards of offense and 9.83 yards per play over the final 20 minutes of the game.  So while a lot of you will point the finger at others – who do deserve some blame as well – don’t let an outstanding defensive first half taint your view of how this defense performed.  The final quarter and a half was just disgusting.

What exactly was the problem?  Some of it was probably execution and players not being where they were supposed to.  That could explain why Saint receivers were running wide open down the field for much of the second half.  Missed tackles were also a problem – such as Gibril Wilson‘s whiff on Reggie Bush on a key 3rd down.  There was a lack of pressure on Drew Brees in the fourth quarter as well, which is not good.  We saw in the first half how much consistent pressure on Brees makes him uncomfortable.

But the biggest issue might be what we don’t know and likely will never know: did the Dolphins coaching staff go into halftime anticipating the adjustment New Orleans would make in the second half?  During our live game thread, somebody said at halftime how it would be important to see how the Dolphins react to the halftime adjustments the Saints make on offense.  That’s hitting the nail right on the head.  We won’t ever know for sure – especially without being able to see the film.  But there were clearly issues in the second half.  We didn’t see nearly the amount of receivers running wide open – especially over the middle – in the first half as we saw in the second. – Matty from The Phinsider writes a brief recap after the Dolphins choked.


I take the good with the bad here. On one hand I had Miami as my upset pick and they almost pulled it off. However, thanks to Ted Ginns’ butterhands and some bad decisions by Chad Henne, they gave me a ton of fantasy points because I started the Saints defense (of course I lost because the Giants sucked on Sunday and I had Braddshaw, Manningham, and Smith in the lineup).

In all seriousness the Dolphins are fun to watch but they aren’t going anywhere. I was wrong. The Wildcat is still effective. But you can’t play Wildcat defense can you? Offensively, Ted Ginn is a bust. He cannot be fixed. Might as well start Brian Hartline instead of Ginn, who once again failed to catch on-target passes on a consistent basis. One play gave the Saints a TD when Ginn had an easy pass go off his hands, off the shoulder of a Saints defender, and into the hands of Darren Sharper for a pick 6. Not good.



Skinsfan1 laments ANOTHER Redskins loss. This time a horribly played 27-17 defeat to the Iggles.


I don’t need to add anything else.


Another edition down as we reach the halfway point of the NFL season. Tune in next week when I write about the Skins’ 16-3 defeat to the bye week and the Dallas Cowboys losing 144-3 to the Seattle Seahawks.


5 thoughts on “What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #6

    1. Mookie Post author

      Well they were going to be on here but then Alex Smith was all good and stuff.

      When the Colts hang San Fran for 50 then we’ll have fun.

      Sadly Arizona unofficially clinched the division last Sunday (have you seen that easy schedule?) so looks like it’s now a matter of hoping 9-7 gets you in as a WC.

  1. kt1000

    Thanks JFein and James. Now I can’t say that Maryland(+16)v Bye without seeming stale and unoriginal


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