The Lack of Posting

Sorry for the whopping 1 (now 2) posts this week. Been very busy studying and when I’m not studying I’m answering questions over at a Cowboys blog in preparation for this weekend.

Things should clear up after next week for more writing about sports!

I might as well take this opportunity to say I wish Walter Jones the best as his season comes to an end with a knee injury. If you do retire you’ll be HOF worthy immediately. One of the best left tackles to ever play the game. For the last 12 seasons you’ve been the franchise, and your legacy left with the Seahawks and the NFL will never be forgotten.

Alas, it’s likely time to move on. You say you want to return in 2010, but I fear the worst if you are healthy enough to play.

If you don’t mind, raise the 12th Man flag next home game against the Lions. In a season of more injuries, inconsistent play, I think the fans would love to see Big Walt raise the flag at Qwest Field. I’d love to see it happen.


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