My Birthday Wishlist

I could write up a What the Losers Are Saying, conjure up a way to sum up Edgerrin James’ Seahawks tenure writing exclusively in Russian, or give you 15 reasons as to why Seattle will never ever win a men’s pro sports title (1 of them is they’ll all relocate to Oklahoma City). In the end I chose none of the above. Tomorrow is my birthday and also the 2 year anniversary of the moving of this blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Lately the sports gods have not been very kind to me. A hapless and crippled Seahawks team, a pathetic Toronto FC “team”, the Washington Huskies, and the success of the Denver Broncos. That’s why the following things are on my birthday wishlist:

  • Seattle Seahawks special teams coach Bruce DeHaven fired.
  • Toronto FC GM Mo Johnston ousted.
  • Brian Russell cloned 53 times to create an NFL team made up of ONLY Brian Russells.
  • Manchester United to defeat Chelsea this weekend.
  • The Seattle Seahawks to shutout the Detroit Lions.
  • The Columbus C**w to lose to Real Salt Lake in the MLS playoff game tomorrow.
  • If the Yankees win the World Series tonight, do not allow ESPN on-air for 3 weeks.


If even 1 of these things is accomplished then I’ll consider this successful.


8 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist

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