Birthday Wishlist Successful!

It did not take long for my birthday wishlist to be fulfilled. I made it clear that if any of those things was accomplished then it was a successful list.

Well just moments ago the Columbus Crew, the defending MLS champions, the team with the best record in regular season play for two years running, DID lose to Real Salt Lake 3-2 in Columbus. The loss eliminated them from the playoffs, losing 4-2 on aggregate scoring to an RSL side that had won all of 2 road games all year.

Now that the hated C**w are out of the way I can watch the rest of the postseason in peace.

But fear not C**w, it could be worse…you could be Toronto FC. Just like TFC however, you’re not seeing the 2nd round.

Enjoy your offseason and thanks for the sports-related birthday gift!



One thought on “Birthday Wishlist Successful!

  1. JFein

    What???? You mean to say that Brian Russell has not been cloned 53 times to make the grittiest football team the world has ever known?


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