Please End the Insanity


Charles Stockton and Dick Davis keep ruining NFL games on.....CBFOX.


For the 4th time in 8 games I’ll be subjected to Dick Stockton and Charles Davis making already unbearble Seahawks games even more unbearable. FOX is already known for not having any form of announcing depth in the NFL (see: Buck, Joe), but they managed to conjure up the worst duo in football. Stockton was once-great but now he’s become another Pat Summerall. Davis managed to successfully ruin 3 BCS National Championship games with inane babbling, Tebow loving in 2009 (with Thom Brennaman) and confusing analysis. So what does FOX do? PAIR THEM TOGETHER!!!

In the first 3 games (all Seahawks losses BTW) with Stockton/Davis I’ve been subjected to some of the worst announcing in the history of the planet. Stockton managed to have Julius Jones carrying for the Seahawks, and then when the Bears had possession he thought it was Julius again because Matt Forte also wears #22! He also credited Lance Briggs for pressure on Seneca Wallace when he dropped into coverage. Lastly Owen Schmitt had dropped an easy pass and Stockton said it was John Carlson.

Davis spent a good 1/4th of the game making snide comments towards the ugliness of the neon-green Seahawks jerseys, and the other 3/4ths being Charles Davis.

I really wasn’t too angry with the Keystone Cops duo during the Colts blowout. But then the Cowboys game came…


Patrick Mebane (it’s Brandon Mebane), forgetting the name of the Seattle Seahawks, putting Deon Butler on defense (he’s a WR), and Cory Wedding (it’s Redding) by both Stockton and Davis was the final straw. You know what’s funny? All of those mistakes came in the 1st half! How can two guys so hopelessly inept and grossly incompetent continue to get work? If you think I’m nitpicking then I dare you to listen to these two for 3 hours and not have your blood boiling.

It’s like Stockton and Davis are watching an entirely different game and we’re supposed to follow it. I’m astounded that NFL television commentary has stooped this low.

I’m begging FOX to get rid of both of them at season’s end and hire more attentive play-by-play men. This is a post that has been long overdue.


4 thoughts on “Please End the Insanity

  1. JFein

    If you think I’m nitpicking then I dare you to listen to these two for 3 hours and not have your blood boiling.

    I had them for the opening game of the season. A part of me died inside that day. Sadly, I have yet to get it back.

    “I’m Dick Stockton and I welcome to the NFL booth this year the wonderful Charles Davis”.
    “Dick Stockton along with the fantastic Charles Davis in the booth.”
    “What’s a Mangina look like?” – Dick Stockton

    Okay, so the last one is made up, but the hard on Stockton had and his endless complimenting of Davis in that week 1 game was utterly intentionally hilarious at best and downright sad and pathetic at worst.

    1. Mookie Post author

      If he actually said that last last quote I take back everything I said. That would be brilliant and hilarious.

      1. kt1000

        I believe Stockton was thrilled to not have to sit next to Brian Baldinger and his finger for 3 hours.

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