Your 2009 Washington Redskins

Another loss, another game without scoring over 17 points, another sack-filled day for Jason Campbell. Yet, that’s not the story of the day.

Clinton Portis was injured yesterday and will be likely out with a concussion. Ladell Betts is a pathetic RB and Rock Cartwright is average, so WHO COULD BE COMING TO SAVE THE DAY?!!! None other than recently released Larry Johnson!

Johnson, who leaves Kansas City after a drama-filled couple of weeks, turns 30 later this month. He wouldn’t be a long-term solution for the Redskins, but neither was Shaun Alexander, whom the Redskins signed last October when Ladell Betts was banged up.

Speaking to reporters today, Zorn did not rule out the possibility of the Redskins pursuing Johnson. He said the team has had internal discussions this morning and will continue to talk about the troubled running back.

Zorn said the team will likely sign a running back if Portis can’t play — he specifically mention Quinton Ganther, whom the team released last Friday. As for Johnson, “I don’t know,” Zorn said.


Not a big surprise that Zorn doesn’t know something but really? Larry Johnson? Dude is not only a problem player but he can’t run anymore. Why guys? Why? Sign Cedric Peerman, pick a guy off the PS, ANYTHING!

It’s the Redskins though, they do nothing right.


One thought on “Your 2009 Washington Redskins

  1. JG


    The last thing this team is another hothead mouthy player from Positively Stinks University that was coached by GrandPA (See Arrington, LaVarr)

    On the plus side my Deadskins did make a game of it in the second half, it wasnt the 4 or 5 TD beatdown I was expecting


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