I hope FOX does not pull off something like this to any NFL team ever again. With two games against the Cards and Vikings for the Seattle Seahawks (AKA two losses), I’d think FOX would be smart enough to give us a break from the woeful Dick Stockton and Charles Davis after spending half the season with them. Instead, the network decided to piss me (and probably many other Seahawks fans) off by giving them TWO more games with us!

How many more scathing reviews must I write before my wish is granted? And I know I’m not the only one that thinks Stockton is terrible. Now I know two years ago I praised Stockton a lot because I thought he still had it. It’s clear he doesn’t.

In all fairness, he was not terrible in our win over the Lions, but Justin Babineaux (it’s Jordan) and placeholder Matt Hasselbeck (our placeholder is PUNTER Jon Ryan) would like to have a word with him.

Alas I can’t change anything. He and Davis are set for the next two Seahawks games, making it an astounding 6 out of 10 games we’ve had the pleasure of tolerating a hopelessly inept commentary duo.

Just let it be April already so we can draft CJ Spiller and N’damukong Suh. I can’t stand much more of this.


6 thoughts on “Oh Great, EVEN MORE DICK STOCKTON!!!!

  1. JFein

    Holy crap, Mookie, next week against the Vikings as well????????

    4 in a row…….have Nantz and Simms ever gotten the Pats that much? Aikman with the Cowboys?

  2. JG

    Maybe FOX is trying to save on travel costs, keep giving them games on the west coast since theyre already out there

  3. kt1000

    Nantz and Simms did 4 Pats games in a row this year -week 4-7

    I’m sure there are other examples of this as well


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