Bears @ 49ers – The Prediction

Could the NFL Network have been any more angry at the fact that their first Thursday night game of the year totally sucks? An average Bears team against a fading Niners team? Alex Smith? Pssshhhh…

Oh well, this game tonight is more important than people think. If San Francisco loses and the Arizona Cardinals beat the Seahawks (which is probably going to happen), the NFC West race is essentially over, and for that matter, so are the 49ers’ playoff chances. After a promising 3-1 start they’ve dropped 4 in a row and Alex Smith sucks again just like old times.

The Bears…I told you guys at the beginning of the season they would miss the playoffs. Lovie Smith and Bob Babich destroyed a great Super Bowl caliber defense that Ron Rivera had them running. Ron Turner, like his brother Norv Turner, is an incompetent coach. Seriously, how can ANYONE be so inept at calling plays?

Speaking of inept, how about that Jimmy Raye for the 49ers? Run with Gore with no offensive line? Sure!

This is going to be such a poorly played game and neither of these teams deserves to sniff the playoffs.

Mike Singletary gets revenge by unleashing Alex Smith on that hapless Bears secondary (yes they’re so bad they will be hard pressed to stop ALEX SMITH) and win 37-24.


Join me for the live-blog of this game over at Keith’s Sports Journal.


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