Brain Dump: Thoughts on the Seahawks/Cardinals

The season is done. Unless Arizona loses Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald for the season, then there is no hope for the Seattle Seahawks to win the NFC West. Sure the Seahawks can go after the Wild Card chase but I doubt 8-8 or 9-7 will do much. They tried hard but unsurprisingly they’re not going to contend. While I picked them to win the division that was a lot of homerism. This is a team on the decline in key areas but emerging in other positions. There will be no repeat of the 1990s Seahawks as long as Tim Ruskell does his job. While some fans think the team’s GM has done poorly and dismantled a Super Bowl contender, us rational folk realize that the Super Bowl team was aging and finally got its dues in 2005. It’s 2009 and almost the entire Super Bowl squad is gone. Matt Hasselbeck is probably next to join his friends on that list.

Arizona is a good team. As long as Kurt Warner is under center it will be their turn to dominate a division that has seen the Niners, Rams, and Seahawks have a share of the NFC West crown since the re-alignment in 2003. Looking at their schedule it’s conceivable that they finish 11-5 or 12-4. They got punched in the mouth by an inferior team and ended up delivering the KO blow. Kudos to them.

Time for other thoughts about this defeat:


  • Colin Cole may be the worst defensive tackle in the league. He gets pushed back 3 yards on practically every running play and is not worth keeping for another season.
  • Gus Bradley should channel his inner Jim Johnson sometimes. I like our defensive coordinator. Yesterday I hated the fact we were playing so much dime and nickel coverage. On several instances we had 7 DBs, 3 pass-rushers, and Patrick Kerney. He played a really conservative game and it cost Seattle dearly. I don’t think he has confidence in this secondary to cover Arizona’s receivers one-on-one but that won’t be a problem as long as you bring the house every once in a blue moon.
  • Matt Hasselbeck is done. How can you blow a shovel pass? Time for Colt McCoy in 2010.
  • I hope Julius Jones is okay. A bruised chest and bleeding in his lung sounds very serious. That said, the performance from Justin Forsett probably just saw Jones’ carries reduce. It’s not a bad thing but you never want to have a game like Forsett did, potentially earn a starting job at the expense of your hospitalized teammate. Get well JJ.
  • Fire Bruce DeHaven. Just do it.
  • Thanks Nate Burleson. Guarantee a win and get no catches, including a dropped TD. I like you a lot but you really could’ve showed up today.
  • Deon Grant = Alligator Arms. Horrible attempt at a tackle by him against Beanie Wells.
  • No more Dick Stockton. Ever.


The 2010 draft class looks deep. Denver is struggling. Tim Ruskell can strike it rich next year with 2 first round draft-picks. I still believe in you Timmy.


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