What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Edition #7

It’s NFL season so look out for this every Tuesday/Wednesday. We won’t go everywhere for every fan’s reaction (usually 5-6 teams are picked) but the deemed “best losers” of the day make the cut. WTLAS takes a trip to Chicago, Philly, New York (for the Jets), New England, and Oakland this week. Join me after the jump.


“f*ck you”

“this team sucks”

“WTF I give up”

“what the f*ck is he doing??????”

“We are a million pieces from being a good team. Cant say one good player exists for the bears.”

“As long as the Angelos, lovie sh*t, and ron turner are on this team, they will never be good”

“I have An Idea For Ron Turner And Cutler In The Offseason. They can both participate in the Special Olympics together.”

“later all… see you in Philly for some more needles in the eyes”

A bunch of comments from the Windy City Gridiron game thread when Jay Cutler fired interception #5 to seal their fate in a 10-6 loss to the 49ers on Thursday night.


The Bears suck. Not all of it is Cutler’s fault. They have no offensive line which translates into no running game, and they have a horrid defense. What’s Cutler to do? He doesn’t help matters by making bad decisions but he has nothing to build on.  Your #1 WR is a converted DB. Give me a break. Chicago could benefit from cleaning house at season’s end.


New York

What can I say?  I could say that the Jets, again, gave the opposing team too many breaks.  Sanchez is reckless at times.  It’s pretty clear he’s not seeing his secondary receivers.  The team is starting games slowly, not just this week or after the bye, and Sanchez is not a confident passer, at least not until the third quarter.  Their offensive playmaker, Leon Washington is missing and missed.  Their run stopper, Kris Jenkins is missing and missed.  The offense has no rhythm and seems to be looking to make plays, not drives.  The defense is fragile up the middle.  They make too many mistakes.  In the last analysis, rookie quarterback, rookie coach, new defensive scheme, two key players gone, what did we really expect?  Bottom line: they’re a mediocre club right now.

Andrew Weiss from The Jets Blog after the Jags managed to beat the Jets 24-22 on a last second field goal.


The Jets aren’t a bad team. Crippling injuries and a rookie QB remembering he’s a rookie have killed them. I think they have a good future but gosh their defense can’t be all Kris Jenkins. The secondary has gone to pieces.

How are the Jags 5-4? Brian Russell’s grit, obviously.



Thanks to horrible coaching by the master of it, Andy Reid truly did win the Battle of Inept Coaching. Being way too passive early in the game including not running a QB sneak during a 3-play series of down and goal at the 1 and then not going for it on 4th down despite never losing yeards combined with early failed redzone conversions and other field goal attempts when the Eagles should have gone for it on 4th down resulted in the loss.

Make no mistake about it, they deserved to lose that game. But make no mistake about it, they damn sure should have won it. The Chargers and Norv got completely passive on defense at the end of the game by playing a soft zone instead of bringing what was effective in the first couple of drives when the Eagles could not move the ball for the life of them.

Reid blew what would have been two critical timeouts in the 2nd half. And while the offense eventually got a rhythm, the Eagles 4-minute defense is just deplorable. They could not get the stop last week against Dallas and they failed to do so again until much too late this week against San Diego. As much as I hate to say it, the Eagles really do miss Jim Johnson.

Resident Eagles fan and frequent commenter JFein from FARN vents after Andy Reid decided to set up the pass with another pass.


I’m a better coach than Andy Reid. You want proof?


Try this game out at the link provided here. When the game ends just use the same link since the “Play Again!” link no longer works. Please note you can use the back button as a way to “cheat”.

I give up on Philly. They will miss the playoffs.



When Tom Cable finally grew enough sack to not call one of his four Tecmo plays, his top pick let him and the entire Raider organization down.

With his team needing a big play; his quarterback needing a lift; his fans desperate for hope. Darrius Heyward-Bey took a perfect pass that sailed more than 60-yards in the air from JaMarcus Russell and dropped it on the one-yard line. He later made a mess out of a perfect throw from Bruce Gradkowski late in the game.

DHB’s first drop cost his team field position and possibly a touchdown. His second Braylon might just have cost his team the game as his awful hands batted the ball into the grasps of the Kansas City secondary.

Seven years from now, when the Raiders will be on their 15th coach since 2003, and JaMarcus Russell is leading the Patriots to the Mickey Mouse Bowl, Darrius Heyward-Bey will be bagging groceries with Tom Cable at a Safeway in Oakland. Then the Raiders might be able to beat the Chargers anywhere and win against the Chiefs at home.

Chris  Shellcroft from Just Blog Baby talking about Al Davis’ latest disaster, Darrius Heyward-Bey, losing the game for the Raiders against the Chiefs.


Safeway is way too good for Heyward-Drop. Put him in a Food-4-Less! Umm….if Tom Cable were to fight Fedor in an MMA match I’d get Cable via KTFO in the 1st round. Al Davis is 155 years old. JaMarcus Russell is worse than Ryan Leaf. I could go on for days because I can’t extol anything positive from the Raiders. Maybe I can actually…I take that back. They make me laugh a lot and I like humor.


New England

megaboston1 has his immediate thoughts on that football game from the other night.

I don’t feel like reading comments, because only live fan-reaction via video can summarize what happened. Forty-eight seconds can mean so much. The Patriots meanwhile are still my favorite team.

That’s all I have for this week. Sadly Dick Jauron won’t be the cause of Buffalo’s misery anymore. Oh well, Ryan Fitzpatrick will do! See you next time when the Seahawks prove me wrong and the Vikings lose to the Seahawks.



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