NFL Week 11 Picks

Yeah I’d spike it with no time left at the 6 yard line! Makes perfect sense! A 9-6 record last week, 0-1 to start this week, 91-55 on the season.

No more bye weeks, just 16 games from here on out.

Vikings over Seahawks
Colts squeak by Ravens
Lions over Browns (ugh)
Cowboys over Redskins
Giants over Falcons
Jaguars over Bills
Steelers over Chiefs
Saints over Bucs
Packers over 49ers

Cardinals over Rams
Pats blast Jets
Chargers over Broncos (I bet you now that I’ve picked against them they’ll win with Chris Freaking Simms)
Bungles over Raiders

Bears over Eagles

Texans over Titans

Enjoy week 11.


3 thoughts on “NFL Week 11 Picks

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