Best. Championship Ending. Ever.

I have ignored tonight’s SNF game for the most part and for good reason. It’s not so much the game is terrible (it’s not) but the 97th Grey Cup was being played in Canada between the heavily favored Montreal Alouettes and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Long story short, down 27-11 in Calgary with under 10 minutes to go and playing in front of a largely Pro-Roughriders crowd, the Als came all the way back to make it 27-25 with under 2 minutes to play.

They stopped the Roughriders on the next possession, muffed the punt, recovered it but lost 10 yards and had :40 to work with.

Anthony Calvillo, a CFL legend, did his job and got the Als to the Riders’ 36 with :06 to go.

Damon Duval missed the winning field goal with no time left and the Roughriders thought they were champions. HOWEVER there would be no joy because they got called for too many men on the field. The Roughriders had 13 men on the field (in the CFL you are allowed 12) and that resulted in a 10 yard penalty (not like 5 here in the US), and Duval hit from 33 yards to give the Alouettes the Grey Cup on the untimed play.

One of the most amazing finishes I’ve ever seen. Heartbreak for Saskatchewan but joy for the resilient Alouettes, who coming into tonight were 1-5 in their last 6 Grey Cups, and were victorious with an improbable comeback.

There will be video posted tomorrow. I can’t believe what I’ve seen. Congrats to Montreal for a stunning comeback en route to a Grey Cup Championship.


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