No “What the Losers Are Saying” This Week

Sorry guys I know it’s your favorite segment of the blog but it’s taking a week off. The Seahawks beating the Rams has no feeling of despair and anger from Rams fans and frankly I have other personal things to take care of.

There is something I’m planning to write involving the replacing of Matt Hasselbeck so see what happens in a few weeks. This has been on my mind for weeks because the deterioration in Hass’ thinking skills as a QB and his arm strength is sickening to watch.

In the meantime THERE WILL BE NO TIM RUSKELL/MIKE HOLMGREN GM RUMORS POSTED HERE! I’m not going to waste much more time on this subject after some debating on Seahawks-related blogs. Ruskell isn’t officially fired and even if it did happen Holmgren isn’t a lock to come back. It’s just a favor from you, because it’s numbing the football part of my brain.

Carry on with your lives…


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