Tim Ruskell Expected to Resign Today

Danny O’Neill has confirmed that Seattle Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell will resign on his own terms with his contract about to expire in a month.

For as much as Tim Ruskell has had his shortcomings on the offensive side (EDGERRIN JAMES!!!!!), he has built a young and promising defense that could soon be one of the best in the league.

Brandon Mebane, Josh Wilson, David Hawthorne, Aaron Curry, Leroy Hill, Lofa Tatupu, and Darryl Tapp are all Tim Ruskell selections (although Hawthorne was signed as an undrafted free agent). Patrick Kerney and Julian Peterson had Pro Bowl seasons in their short times in the NW. While JP is gone and Kerney is a shell of his former self, they both were excellent in 2007. Ruskell made it happen.

Ruskell also saw Steve Hutchinson go away on the offensive side. The offensive line has never been the same. We still don’t have a replacement for Matt Hasselbeck and that may be a case where he gambled on Matt being healthy and effective, and neither worked out.

Perhaps neglecting the offense to focus on the defense may have been his downfall. Sans Chris Spencer in 2005, all of his first draft pick selections have gone to the defense; Kelly Jennings, Josh Wilson (2nd round), Lawrence Jackson, and Aaron Curry.

It’s sad to see him go but I understand him leaving before it really gets nasty.

I supported keeping him because he’s an excellent drafter in the later rounds (among other things), but I wasn’t going to cry if he was fired or if he quit.

What I am against is Mike Holmgren coming back as GM. As much as Ruskell has done a poor job building a decent offense, Holmgren’s defenses were piss-poor. Lamar King!!!

Good luck elsewhere Timmy. You were the GM of an NFC Champion, but now you’re leaving a team in desperate need of a rebuild.

I ask the Seahawks to not look at Holmgren and bring him back because he knows the system. At a minimum, explore other options from other successful teams in this league.


2 thoughts on “Tim Ruskell Expected to Resign Today

    1. Mookie Post author

      Russell is a step back for football and two steps forward for incompetents.

      But I like the part where he cut him!


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