Seahawks Fall to Texans 34-7

Time to rebuild.


5 thoughts on “Seahawks Fall to Texans 34-7

  1. JFein

    Well, at least today was a much better day for Seattle sports all-around.

    Locker stays in Seattle
    Mariners (we think) have Cliff Lee.

    I know you’re not much of a baseball fan, Mookie, but Cliff Lee is about the quickest working pitcher I’ve ever seen. He’s truly amazing to watch, even for casual fans.

      1. Mookie Post author

        Yeah I’m no expert but I think Seattle is looking for immediate contention by signing Figgins and trading for Lee (maybe).

        Locker needed to stay.

        The Seahawks hopefully will blow it up.

  2. James Craven

    Liz Hasselbeck’s brother in law passes and gets picked off by Matt Fuller and Boom goes the dynamite! Get a roll of stamps and mail this one in, Texans 34-7. Coach Mora, your thoughts in cliche form, please?

    1. Mookie Post author

      I am writing something up about the Seahawks. Hence no posting today. It’s very long without being verbose.

      Mora is starting to tick me off.


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